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Outdoor Room Giveaway

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Andra Heneghan of Munster, Indiana, won our outdoor room
She will receive patio furniture from Agio as well as outdoor lighting from

garden expert And
landscape consultant
elvin Mcdonald
usedthe products from Agio and Bevolo to design a
new outdoor room for Andra, and also gave her landscaping ideas
for her property.

  Illustration of Andra's patio redesign

before and after tour
Take an audio/visual tour of Andra’s patio and backyard, with
illustrations and descriptions of Elvin McDonald’s ideas for
transforming them.

Arial View of Andra's Patio Redesign

patio view
We have two illustrations of our designer’s plan for Andra’s property. In the first illustration, a view of her patio, we show how the products from Agio and Bevolo could be used to create an Outdoor Room, along with ideas and tips our designer has for the space.

property plan
In the second illustration, an overall property plan (shown above), designer Elvin McDonald makes some suggestions for the front of Andra’s house, including how to employ her existing patio furniture in a fresh way.