the 2011 NewTrad Designers

Meet the 2011 NewTrad Designers

Wed, 11 Jul 2012|

-When people say being an interior designer is glamorous, I want them to follow me for a day. -Things always go wrong in this business and there's just no escaping that and trying to get clients to understand that and trying to manage their heart attacks while it's happening. -There's always something. I mean, there's always, you know, some sofa that doesn't fit through the door or something that was supposed to be touched last that shows up with, you know, hardware all over. It just-- It happens. -I graduated from college having no idea what I was gonna do with my life. -It was hard to start from the bottom and take that pay cut and do all those things but I wouldn't have changed it for the world. -I was watching Paula Deen one day and crazy enough, I need to write her a letter because she literally changed my life. And at the end of the show, she did the whole thing and she said, "So if there's anybody out there that's watching and has a dream, there's no harm in trying and failing. The harm is in never trying." I was like, peace. And the next day, I resigned from my job and I started to run Martin Design, and that's been-- I have been happy [unk], and here we are. -The moment we found out that we were named New Trads, we were actually at the airport on the way to Paris for the Maison Et Objet and we were jumping around in the airport like crazy people-- -We were-- -to the point where security-- -Security-- -was a little concerned. -was getting worried on what was going on. -Twenty's not that big of a number so there's-- when there's only 20 and you're one of them, it's a nice honor especially coming from a small town for people that are so familiar with that magazine to see me in there and be recognized. It was a great feeling, really great feeling. -I got so many calls and notes and letters from other designers that were just really, you know, it was really touching to know that other people appreciated your work and that they actually took the time to write you a note or call. And I think it was at that point that I thought, "You know what? I think I can actually do this, you know." -Being in this magazine has changed my career. -Forever in our careers, we will always look back and say it was that. That really, you know, pushed us off the ground and got us going. -I run around a little bit less but also have the time to really spend with my clients more which I think is the most important thing for a designer. -So I'm no longer just working with friends of clients and people that I know through other areas of my life. But I'm working with people who only know me through being in Traditional Home. -So do us a favor and nominate your New Trad Home designer today. -Nominate a New Trad today. -Nominate your New Trad today. -[Foreign language]