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Traditional Home - 2010 Outdoor Room Sweepstakes

Take an audio/visual tour of Karen’s backyard, as Chip Wade narrates his ideas for the space.

Wed, 20 Jun 2012|

The biggest weakness of this typical suburban backyard is also its biggest strength, it's blank. Which mean it's a blank slate for me, Designer Chip Wade, to transform it into an outdoor space that the Roslin family will enjoy using in many ways. The family is from Saint [unk] and they want this place to have nautical feel. Our challenge is to give them that without a feel themy. I need to add architectural interest to [unk] of the home. So, I'm using a series of arbors supported by sturdy posts to help define the two main entry areas or deck. The lower deck is an open and relaxed one with a flat screen TV along one wall, great for kids and adults alike. A natural blue gray guild stone from artistic pile grounds the space and brings to mind the colors of the ocean. The upper deck is more cozy and intimate. It's anchored by slum hardwood decking, reminisce of a sleek schooner. The focal point is a [unk] fire pit, edged with a decorative reflective tile, also from artistic tile. Bright ceiling is so important to outdoor spaces and I found two wonderful lines from Glosser. The pieces are comfortable, multi-functional and flexible and feel a little nautical too, thanks to the Navy Wool fabric and the furniture slatwork. For overall lighting, I'm using a series of simple [unk] from Hinkley and have the look of [unk] open ocean liner. Additional uplight will help highlight key design elements. One of them is the important water feature, which serves as a soothing and decorative backdrop to the whole space and also provides [unk] privacy. I need a little pop of color in the design and I'm getting it from some boa fabrics and weather is so well without ever losing their color, so I'm using a beautiful solid yellow, as well as a white and yellow strike that plays perfectly and for a nautical theme. The fabrics are used to cover a cocktail table and for [unk] shape. I'm even stretching it over set of doors to point the TV on a lower deck. The doors can then be positioned to cut the glare on the TV in the light afternoon. The light in the screens cut the glare to the new kitchen addition, which is bumped out to make it more functional for the family. Overall, as it is based more encouraged the rest of entertaining more and to spend more time together outdoors. The space has definite knots to nautical, that includes the decking, the thick dock rope used as [unk]. The color palette of blue, yellow and stainless steel but it doesn't feel like you're on a yacht. Another thing that was really important to the family was that the space to be low maintenance, which is exactly what all the materials I've chosen to provide. It's intimate, interesting and comfortable with clean lines, soften by natural elements. I think you're gonna love it.