Home 2011 Family Room Sweepstakes

Traditional Home 2011 Family Room Sweepstakes

Take a video tour of interior designer Erika McPherson Powell's decorating ideas for the family room of Diana Dockemeyer of South Bend, Indiana.

Wed, 9 May 2012|

Diana Dockemeyer of South Bend, Indiana, is the winner of Traditional Home's family room giveaway. Her prize included $10,000 worth of furnishings from Ballard Designs, which specializes in European-inspired furnishings. Diana also won a design plan for her family room by Erika McPherson Powell of Urban Grace Interiors in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. The room's assets included abundant natural light and a fireplace. Diana wanted it to be more casual, comfortable and inviting—a gathering place for family of all ages. Erika is known for imbuing traditional interiors with contemporary freshness. She says, "The expected way to do a family room would be to buy a suite of matching upholstery pieces and case goods. Here we mixed and matched pieces that were cohesive but different enough to create a collected look, which we think adds much more interest." Corner curio cabinets that have sentimental value for Diana were retained in the new scheme. They keep pleasant company with a handsome sofa from Ballard, slipcovered in a small tailored check. This makes it durable enough for Diana's grandchildren to use. Above it is a quartet of botanical prints, also from Ballard. These are reproductions of 19th-century bookplates, giving the room a classic touch. Their sepia tones enhance the room's earthy palette. Across from the sofa is a pair of Ballard's Theodore recliners in chocolate colored leather, emphasizing the room's symmetry. Brass nailhead trim gives the chairs sophisticated English club style. Between the sofa and chairs is a Morgan coffee table from Ballard in mahogany. Two basket trays soften its look and provide a way to store toys. Diana's home doesn't have a dining room, so the table also provides a place for impromptu meals. The front door of the home opens directly into this room, so Erika suggested placing a console table and two pretty sage lamps near the entrance. This way the space doubles as living space and entryway. A bowl on the table makes a handy repository for keys and mail. A sunburst mirror over it "hips up" the space, Erika says. The room's windows go across the front of the house, flooding the room with natural light. Window treatments are tricky because of baseboard heaters beneath the windows. So Erika recommended that instead of floor-length draperies, roman shades be made of a Ballard fabric in natural ivory linen. The shades can be banded in a contrasting color to amp up style. The result is a warm and welcoming room. It's pulled together but not fussy – exactly what Diana had in mind.