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St. Andrews Around Town

A Slice of Scotland, part of the St. Andrews Design Confidential

Written by Candace Ord Manroe

Photo courtesy of Gleneagles

2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles

Contested biennially between the United States and Europe, the Ryder Cup returns to its Scottish roots this September for only the second time since its 1927 inception. Gleneagles, the luxury resort situated inland about an hour from  St. Andrews in Auchterarder, will host the prestigious competition. Spectators will indulge in the hotel’s 258 rooms and suites with top-level amenities and grand appointments.

Photo courtesy of Ralph Lauren

What Team USA Will be Wearing

The PGA of America has tapped Ralph Lauren to design the uniforms and outfit the American team competing for the 2014 Ryder Cup on September 23–28. How fitting. Team captain Tom Watson, left, an eight-time major championship winner (including four British Opens), has been  the brand’s Polo Golf Ambassador since 1993—the same year he captained the U.S. to a  Ryder Cup victory. “Come September, our team will be dressed to play like champions,” says Watson.

And, for the first time in Ryder Cup history, golf lovers no longer need to covet the outfits they’re spotting—items from the Ryder Cup Collection will be available for purchase (visit

Wild About Whiskey

When in Scotland, sample a dram (or a few) of a fine silky Scotch—the beautiful amber or golden whiskey distilled and bottled only in this country but enjoyed all over the world. Originally called “uisge beatha,” meaning water of life, Scotch was distilled as early as 1494. Touted as an elixir, it was believed to prevent colic, palsy, and even smallpox. Like wine, each single malt Scotch has a unique flavor. While one tastes of nuts and dried figs with a creamy finish that hints of fruit and florals, another has a peaty, smoky taste with notes of pipe tobacco and melon. In Scotland, the proper way to drink your dram (an inexact amount; suffice to say it’s small) is straight up or with a little splash of water—no ice.


Scotland is a market leader in the luxurious world of cashmere. Woven from fine goat hair and coveted for its soft texture, cashmere is famously fashioned into scarves, sweaters, and throw blankets.  

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Photography Dominic Blackmore
Produced by Krissa Rossbund & Mick Schnepf