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Body and Soul: Time Out in Mexico

Fashion designer Alice Temperley finds the perfect mix of exotic and enchanting at Mexico’s Cuixmala Resort.

Written by Jenny Bradley Pfeffer
  • The fashion world may seem glamorous and alluring, but a grueling pace and long days can take its toll on even the most dedicated fashionista who’s secretly yearning to kick off stilettos in favor of flip-flops.

    For London-based Alice Temperley (the popular and prolific fashion designer produces eight collections a year), much-needed respite is found at the luxurious Cuixmala resort, a 25,000-acre estate nestled in a rugged and stunningly beautiful setting on Mexico’s Pacific coast between Puerto Vallarta and Manzanillo.

  • Priceless Views

    Temperley is smitten by the remoteness of the property dotted with pristine, secluded beaches, cloistered grottos, and lagoons framed by a verdant forest. Wildlife—crocodiles, Roseate spoonbills, zebras (yes, zebras), and the occasional jaguar—roam the property.

  • Natural Surroundings

    “It’s an incredible place with hectares of unspoiled private land, beaches, and beautiful private houses and casitas,” says Temperley of Cuixmala, which translates as “the soul’s resting place.”

  • Casitas with Style

    While the luxurious setting is certainly the star, its deluxe accommodations may have guests opting for an indoor holiday. Charming private casitas peppered with exotic patterns and vibrant colors offer serenity without neglecting style.

  • Sit Back and Relax

    Suites, bungalows, villas, and private casitas are scattered throughout Cuixmala’s 25,000 acres. Both cozy and lavish, each venue shares an unspoiled setting and personalized service.

  • View from the Top

    Pillow-laden banquettes beg guests to stretch out, put up their feet, and enjoy the panoramic view.

  • Style Lives at La Loma

    Suites and bungalows at La Loma, the estate’s opulent main house situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean, are lavishly appointed—sumptuous fabrics in brilliant hues pop against stark white walls and high, arched ceilings.

  • Exotic Flair

    Bold tropical colors saturate Cuixmala’s casitas and La Loma.

  • Luxury with a Purpose

    And there’s an added perk: The property has an eco bent. The Cuixmala Ecological Foundation was established in 1988 to promote conservation in Mexico and protect the vast number of animal and plant species that reside within Cuixmala.

  • Local Cuisine

    “You can go whale watching, ride through herds of zebras, and have homegrown, organic food,” says Temperley. “Cuixmala is paradise on Earth.”

  • Horse Stables

    Horseback riding allows guests to experience the natural landscape surrounding Cuixmala. On-site stables make daytime excursions convenient.

  • Where the Designers Unwind

    Lela Rose, Lela Rose
    “I love to be in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, more than almost anywhere else in the world. Every time I go, I’m continuously astounded by the majestic beauty of being surrounded by mountains. Also, I love the ‘outlaw’ attitude of the West.”

    Michelle Smith, Milly
    “My favorite getaway is Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, in Sicily. It’s near Agrigento in a remote area along the sea. It has enormous outdoor mineral pools with healing elements, and you can sit in the open-air under the sunshine with a view of the sea and mountains. There is nothing like it.”

    Nanette Lepore, Nanette Lepore
    “I’m in love with the island of Panarea (off the coast of Sicily). I fell in love
    at midnight while floating in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The sky was glowing with more stars than I’d ever seen. The sea was lit from within by the twinkle of plankton. It was all at once prehistoric, romantic, and magical.”

    Kelly Wearstler, Kelly Wearstler
    “The We Care Spa in Palm Springs is a great place to cleanse and detox. I go there to get balanced and purify from the toxins and stress of everyday life.”

  • Find It

    For additional details and information, visit Cuixmala’s Web site or call 866/516-2611.