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Profile: Karen Pulaski

Expect sweet dreams and luxe looks from the Houston designer who founded Tribute Goods 

Written by Krissa Rossbund

The art of the bed has a new master: Karen Pulaski, founder of Tribute Goods. The Houston-based interior designer wanted to create a new line of bed linens that would be a genre apart from ubiquitous solid neutrals with simple hemstitches.

But first she needed the right canvas on which to print the patterns she envisioned. The solution appeared during a trip to Italy, where she discovered a purveyor of high-quality textiles. Now that fabric bears digitally printed works from fine artists, all handpicked by Pulaski for her Tribute Goods fine linen offerings.       

“I select non-commercial artists for my linens,” Pulaski explains. “They are crafting real fine-art pieces based on what comes from their hearts and souls, and not with the purpose of creating designs to put on a variety of other products. The magic comes from bringing what the artists imagine to life through the hand of fine textiles.”

 Abstract pink roses grow among the trellis of “Strength and Beauty” by Kia Neill. 

In appreciation for her opportunity to create beautiful and luxurious textiles, Pulaski makes it a point to give back. Tribute Goods donates 10 percent of its profits to organizations supporting the arts, education, and AIDS research.

The “Air” collection by Nancy Ruby illustrates one  of the four elements of the Earth with a soft, watercolor hand.​

It’s part of creating a stronger community and better world, all while enjoying the delights of life. “It’s important to surround yourself with beauty,” Pulaski says, “from the moment your eyes open until they close at the day’s end.” 

Kevin Peterson first rendered the verdant hummingbird, butterfly, and foxglove landscape of “Wisdom & Purity” in an oil painting. 
Photo: Peter Krumhardt

Photography: Julie Soefer