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Pop Quiz! With Kerrie Kelly

Produced by Clara Haneberg

My favorite subject in school was: Photography with Mr. Haines.

My worst subject was: Math with Mr. Maris.

Teacher’s pet or class clown? Teacher’s Pet. I was in the front row with my planner in hand, even through college!

Favorite back-to-school item/purchase: Trapper Keepers and Sharpies.

What was your lunch box? I carried a Hello Kitty lunch box in elementary school and a red and white gingham paper bag with a monogrammed ‘K’ on it in junior high.

What was in your lunch box? My go-to lunch was a peanut butter + raspberry jelly sandwich on Wonderbread, cut into triangles, a banana, and a hand-written note from mom.

At recess you could find me... Walking around the schoolyard, clipboard in hand, taking sign-ups for a new club I had just created.

Favorite after-school snack? Homemade chocolate chips cookies, fresh out of the oven. And don’t forget the cold glass of milk for dunking!

Signature first-day-of-school outfit?  A denim jumper, something plaid, a new backpack, and a couple of new barrettes. 

This one time, I got in trouble for... Doorbell ditching the neighbors and leaving cut flowers on their porch.

The designer jeans I had to have were: Jordache, of course!

My biggest picture day fashion regret: Picture day typically involved a little too much Sun-In and Aqua-Net as displayed my high school junior year! 

Signature yearbook sign-off? KIT (Keep In Touch)

Voted most likely to... Get Married

I was the star of the ________ team/club: It was called the S (service) Club. We raised funds and took donations for women in dangerous living environments to escape and be supported.

After school I would always... Play doubles with the tennis team. 

I most associate with __________ from The Breakfast Club.I was the sixth character, behind-the-scenes, dressing actors and prepping the set.

On Friday nights you could find me... Probably watching Valley Girl, playing Ouija Board, eating pizza and Oreo ice cream with Magic Shell with all of my girlfriends during our weekly slumber parties.

One thing my parents didn’t know I did in high school: Snuck out of my bedroom window to ride around on a boyfriend’s moped. It made for good Thanksgiving reveal to my parents once I reached college!

My dorm room bed linens were: Electric blue with fish and bubbles.

I had ________ on my dorm room walls. Posters of Andre Agassi (back when he had long locks).

Class reunions: yes or no? 20th, yes. All others, no.