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Pop Quiz! With Kelly Wearstler

Produced by Clara Haneberg

My favorite subject in school was: Art

My worst subject was: Biology

Teacher’s pet or class clown? Teacher’s Pet

Favorite back-to-school item/purchase: Cool Backpack

What was your lunch box? Paper Bag

What was in your lunch box? Apple

At recess you could find me... hanging with my friends

Signature first-day-of-school outfit? Denim + tee

This one time, I got in trouble for... skipping class

The designer jeans I had to have were: Levi’s

I was the star of the... Art club

After school I would always... call my friends

I most associate with ________ from The Breakfast ClubMolly

On Friday nights you could find me... sneaking out after curfew

One thing my parents didn’t know I did in high school: Take their car out driving at night

I had ______ on my dorm room walls. Wallpaper

Class reunions: yes or no? no