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Pop Quiz! With Brynn Olson

Produced by Clara Haneberg

My favorite subject in school was: Math. I’ve always had a thing with numbers and the absolute certainty and precision of finding the right answer. A far cry from design which can successfully have more than one correct solution! 

My worst subject was: Social Studies.  I just couldn’t retain the information until I hit college and was in my first Art History class. Learning History through “pictures” was a life changer and eventually graduated with that my major!

Teacher’s pet or class clown? Teacher’s pet all the way – strict rule follower and the thought of getting in trouble made me break out in hives.

Favorite back-to-school item/purchase: My bookbag. It had to look pretty above everything else  

What was your lunch box? Brown paper bag. I always envied the fancy lunch box owners with the matching thermos

What was in your lunch box? Turkey sandwich with mustard on wheat, apple or banana, Minute Maid fruit punch and a Nutri-grain bar (how did I remember that!?)

At recess, you could find me... playing foursquare. Eye-hand coordination was my thing (and I was all about the fierce competition – it got rough out there!)

Favorite after-school snack? Quaker Oak Chewy granola bars with chocolate chips (one was never enough)!

Signature first-day-of-school outfit?  Anything with a pattern – preferably a stripe or a floral.  This was a consistent trend from Kindergarten through high school along with those glorious buckteeth! 

This one time, I got in trouble for... disobeying the school’s short shorts policy—shorts had to be fingertip length or longer. Since I was blessed with a freakishly long wingspan with fingers touching my knees I could never wear shorts again. To this very day I only own one pair of shorts!

My biggest picture day fashion regret: A fresh bowl cut. I cried for weeks despite my smiling face

After school I would always... go straight to dance classes—usually a solid 4 – 6 hours and on weekends. I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

I had _______________  on my dorm room walls. Sheer draperies and a collage of decorative crosses like a good Southerner in the Bible Belt ;)