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Pets: Teacher's Pet

Include your furry family members in all the back-to-school fun

Written by Clara Haneberg

Take note: Animals always earn high marks in school spirit. Their inherent loyalty and ability to look adorable in team gear give them an obvious advantage. Our pets humbly assume the roles of family mascot, homework buddy, and year-round cheerleader—so don’t forget to spoil them when class is back in session. Score an “A” for effort with posh updates that make your cuddly companion feel special and look refreshed.

Fresh, New ’Do 

Mungo & Maud’s natural Grooming Collection for dogs boasts fragrance-free shampoo, conditioner, and nourishing paw balm. (

Write Reward  

Twist to unlock and remove the eraser on “Pimm’s Treat Dispensing Pencil” to fill it with treats. 

Smart Storage 

Waggo’s “Gloss Ceramic” treat jar and bowls in Rust, Rose, and Dolphin hues serve up snacks in style. 

Tailgate Champ 

Harry Barker’s “Pennant Blanket” and biscuit-filled “Pennant Treat Tin” flaunt team spirit. 

Animal Rx

For many students, leaving home and entering a new educational environment can be nerve-racking. Pet therapy has proved successful in  reducing stress on college campuses. Annie Peters, president and CEO of nonprofit Pet Partners, believes on-campus pet visits “benefit students tremendously—reducing anxiety and depression, and releasing oxytocin, the ‘feel-good hormone,’ into the body.” For more info, check with your university’s counselors or tap into