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I Am Traditional

From the Editors of Traditional Home
  • Drew Barrymore

    Hometown: Los Angeles

    Occupation: Actress

    At home, her kitchen is the hub “You can always find me in the kitchen. It’s an eat-in, live-in, kids-growing-up-in, cooking-all-the-time-in kitchen. Friends enter the home through our kitchen door. I wonder when I last saw other rooms of the house!”

    Her get-togethers are a hot ticket “My husband and I like to go all-out when entertaining. That usually consists of several types of food. We also like to add something special and unexpected, like a silhouette artist, an old photo booth, or a poet with a typewriter—all to make things that our guests can take home.”

    She has big plans for the summer “My goal is to learn more Italian cooking. And of course, I’ll be doing all my favorite things—taking the kids to museums, eating lots of food, watching Sesame Street, and passing out at 7 p.m.”

    She’s always up for a new challenge In 2010, she started her own label, Barrymore Wines. Her most recent launch is a Pinot Grigio made in a partnership with Carmel Road Winery.
    “I love the camaraderie of sitting around the table, sharing wine, and making memories with family and friends.”

    I am traditional “I didn’t really have many traditions growing up, so I’m voracious about them now. I think tradition is synonymous with constancy, so making plans with the same people in the same place and doing the same thing, that is something I always look forward to.”

  • Photo courtesy of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

    Bobbi Brown

    Hometown:  Chicago

    Occupation: Makeup artist, founder and CCO of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, and editor-in-chief of Yahoo Beauty.

    She’s em-powerful “When I started my company 23 years ago, my intent was to create makeup that would help women look and feel like themselves, only prettier and more confident. It’s still my mission today, so I started the Pretty Powerful Campaign for Women & Girls as a way to continue empowering women through job skills training programs and education. My work with Dress for Success and Girl Rising is about giving women and girls the tools they need to succeed in life. The most rewarding thing about what I do is having the ability and the means to empower women.”  

    Inner strength trumps bombshell beauty “I admire legendary beauties like Ali MacGraw because she has a unique kind of beauty as well as inner strength. When I was a teenager, I saw her in the movie Love Story, and my personal perception of beauty really changed. Her thick brows, beautiful smile, and barely-there makeup helped me embrace my own nonconventional features.”

    Men need to moisturize too “I think every man should own at least one eye cream. It’s not just for women.”

    Her mantra: “Less is more” “Most of the time I prefer a simple, natural look. My makeup is very natural and my hair is usually up in a ponytail. For clothing, I love a classic white tee paired with dark jeans, a statement necklace, a blazer, and sneakers or platform heels—comfortable yet pulled together.”

    I am traditional She had a thing for The Monkees’ Davy Jones, sends handwritten thank-you notes, and has a bit of an obsession with organization.

  • Elizabeth Lippman

    Nanette Lepore

    Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio

    Occupation: Designer and founder of the Nanette Lepore fashion label

    Less isn’t always more “My home is a maximalist paradise awash with mesmerizing discoveries.”  

    Her taste in art is eclectic, to say the least  “I love my art wall—on it you will find everything from a Gauguin etching to a preschool painting by my daughter, Violet.”

    She’s a firm believer in finding your own style “There is no classic style. Everyone creates their own classics.”

    If only time travel were possible “If I could go back to any period in time, it would be the ’20s and ’30s. I love a good bias-cut dress, and I would run away to Paris and indulge in the café society.”

    A little whimsy never hurt anyone “The one item in my home I couldn’t possibly part with is my pirate ship chandelier. I love fantasy and adventure.”

    Memories come in all shapes and sizes “I still have the first turquoise bracelet I bought when I was 16 and my mother’s madras shorts from the 1960s.”

    The teenage years aren’t always kind “My biggest fashion faux pas was wearing a backless dress that I made in junior high to a party. Let’s just say it was a little too much skin, so I stood with my back against the wall all night.”

    I am traditional “I continue my grandmother’s tradition of making homemade pasta every holiday, I see The Nutcracker ballet every December, and I love to play poker with my dad.” 

    Photo courtesy of Nanette Lepore

  • Photo courtesy of HGTV

    Lara Spencer

    Occupation Cohost of Good Morning America, host of Flea Market Flip (HGTV and Great American Country), and two-time New York Times best-selling author of I Brake for Yard Sales and, most recently, Flea Market Fabulous: Designing Gorgeous Rooms with Vintage Treasures.

    She loves a good design story  “My personal style is hard to pin down because I truly love design. I love midcentury modern as much as I love the preppy English-country look, but the common denominator is rooms with personality that tell a story. Right now, I am very attracted to the layered look of English country manors—rooms that feel like they have been assembled over the years. Layered with prints and plaids and a gallery wall of artwork.”

    She’s on a mission “The idea of creating the coziest room ever is like the Holy Grail to me. I get up at 4 a.m., so when I get home I am ready to nest! The goal of creating that perfect blend of comfort, beauty, and a sense of peace and harmony is wildly alluring and so gratifying when I achieve it.”

    Heirlooms give her joy  “One of my favorite pieces is a 19th-century pie safe with punched tin on the doors. My mom found it 50 years ago and I have such fond memories of it as a kid because it was where she stored my writing paper and coloring books. It now lives in my dining room, and I just adore it.”

    Quirky is key  “I collect cool flea market finds—Italian pottery from the ’50s, antique boxes, Tartanware (plaid boxes sold in Scotland in the 19th century as souvenirs)—quirky, unique pieces that make me smile.”

    I am traditional  She refers to designer Bunny Williams as a “rock star,” believes her dad “hung the moon,” and quotes her mom’s “words of wisdom on a daily basis.” 

  • Katherine Osborn

    Rebecca Proctor

    Hometown: Ithaca, New York 

    Occupation: Creative Director for MacKenzie-Childs

    Mother knows best “My mother was from the Deep South, a real Georgia peach, and she had a great sense of humor. I’m told that from the time I was about 9, I was constantly rearranging the furniture. I was very small but quite mighty! Once I moved our piano (by myself) down two steps into another room. When my mother saw it, instead of scolding me, she said, ‘Is that really where you want it?’  ”  

    She lives with eyes wide open “My list of fashion and design icons is so long that it couldn’t possibly fit on a page. From Charles Rennie Mackintosh to Jean Paul Gaultier, history books to antique shops, and Iris Apfel’s point of view to the way Chaplin cinched his trousers: Inspiration comes from everywhere.”

    She’s a storyteller “Our home is an environment we’ve created ourselves. It feels very personal, sort of like a diary. Someone said, ‘Collect the things that are authentic to you, and your house becomes your story.’ That really speaks to me.

    She’s our style icon “I would say my style is quite eclectic, a bit romantic, and a little unpredictable. I love vintage clothing and have collected funky clothes through the years—embroidered coats from India, stacks of striped sailor shirts. In a way, my style reflects the way we design—a lot of layers, inspiration from the past, with patterns and textures mixed together in playful ways.”

    Artisans make the world go ’round “The ability to invent and make things is what defines a culture. Wouldn’t you rather have something made by hand, something that’s truly individual and says something about the person who made it?”

    I am traditional She collects teapots and demitasse spoons, dreams about opening a pastry shop straight out of a Wes Anderson film, and loves storytelling. 

  • Andrew Eccles/JBG

    Jamie Lee Curtis

    Hometown Santa Monica, California

    How you know her The daughter of Hollywood icons Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh, she’s been married to actor-director Christopher Guest for 27 years and is mother of two—Annie and Tommy. Not only is she an award-winning actress (yes, she still has a cult following from her scream-queen roles in Halloween and other horror movies), she’s the author of multiple children’s books and is an activist who is passionate about children’s causes.

    Who would have guessed? She loves to needlepoint.

    She married the guy who makes her laugh  “There’s nothing better than laughing really hard. Mostly at my husband.”

    Good manners are still cool  “My mother taught me to be grateful and to write thank-you notes.”

    Listen to your kids “My children are the catalysts for change in my life. They have the courage to say ‘Hey, wake up and smell the denial and see yourself.’ ”

    She’s no pack rat “I am not a collector; I am a divestor. The only objects that mean anything to me are my wedding ring, my Cathy Waterman Child charm necklace with my children’s names engraved on it, and my Leica camera.”

    Knows how to prioritize “My husband taught me that the only thing that doesn’t have to go on is the show.”

    She’s gone green “My travels take me anywhere my new Clarity Hydrogen Fuel Cell car will take me—carpool lane, In-N-Out Burger, Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific.”

    The fabulous 50s “My friends and family tell me that I’ve made turning 50 into the ‘Jamie Lee Curtis Farewell 49, Hello 50! World Tour.’”

    Secret career  “If I weren’t an actress and author, I’d be a police officer.”

    Best advice “To thine own self be true!”

    Who needs Dolce & Gabbana? “I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing Beyond Yoga pants, a Hard Tail tank, and my orthotic Reef flip-flops made for me at Hansen Orthotic Lab in Ketchum, Idaho.”

    I am traditional “I still believe in ‘Ladies First.’ I say ‘Yes, Ma’am’ and ‘Yes, Sir.’ And I live by the adage ‘You are your handshake!’”

    Photograph: Andrew Eccles/JBG


  • Francine Turk

    Hometown: Chicago

    Occupation: Artist

    The yin and yang of design “I own a home in a historical neighborhood in Chicago that is reminiscent of a Parisian street. The interiors are reflective of my personality and work—some areas are light and airy, and others are dark and moody.”  

    A collected life “I collect coffee table books, vintage postcards, and recently added a few lovely handcrafted pieces from the Astier de Villatte workshop in Paris to my tea set collection.”

    Home is where the art is “I am a firm believer that original art breathes soul into a space like nothing else can. I have a gorgeous work on paper by Wesley Kimler that I am in no hurry to part with.

    Her happy place is near (and far) “I think everyone should have a passport. A new perspective is always refreshing. I’m happiest when I’m traveling. And also when I’m going home!”

    Music is her muse “As a visual artist I am inspired by some of the greats—Matisse, Basquiat, Picasso. I also find myself greatly relating to musicians as artists and am inspired not only by the music but their creative pursuit of personal truth. I’m currently influenced by Gary Clark Jr., Beck, and Miles Davis, and I’m always vibing Dylan and Hendrix.”

    She champions an occasional change of scenery “My chosen path allows me the ultimate freedom to go, do, and just be. At this moment, I am sitting on a terrace at the Mercer Hotel in Barcelona working on a new series inspired by Spanish culture and am extremely content.”

    I am traditional She’s a sucker for a good bubble bath, cherishes childhood memories of planting petunias with her mother, and had a mad crush on
    To Kill a Mockingbird’s Atticus Finch. 

  • Wyatt McSpadden

    Elizabeth Chambers Hammer

    Hometown: Los Angeles

    Occupation: Chief Correspondent of the Human Rights Foundation & Co-Owner of Bird Bakery in San Antonio

    She has a weakness for lemon curd “My grandmother was an incredible, strong-willed, outspoken woman. I have such fond memories of sitting in her kitchen while she was cooking meals for parties. I used to sneak into her big walk-in refrigerators, find the shortbread shells, and dip them into vats of freshly made lemon curd. I always thought I was getting away with it, but she told me later in life that she took great joy in watching me. She said it was the one time she held her tongue.”  

    Life is all in the details “My parents made sure that every single detail of our lives was meaningful and traditional—from my mom needlepointing our very intricate Christmas stockings (she would begin the day she found out she was pregnant and finish by the time we were born) to the china on which we ate for birthdays and different holidays. There’s truly nothing my mother didn’t consider.”

    Her library shelves are well-stocked “I have so, so many favorite books. I reread To Kill a Mockingbird often and Dr. Seuss’s Oh, the Places You’ll Go! always makes me happy.”

    She’s not afraid to step outside her comfort zone “People inspire me. I’m happiest when I’m telling stories and learning about other people’s realities. That’s why my work for the Human Rights Foundation and my journalism work in general are so important to me. It’s easy to get wrapped up in our own lives. I’m definitely happiest when I’m exploring outside of that bubble.”

    I am traditional “I hold Emily Post in very high regard. I cherish family traditions and the meaning behind them. I love paper, stationery, and invitations more than anyone should.” 

  • Adam Kuehl

    Name: Paula Wallace

    Hometown: Atlanta

    Occupation: Co-founder and president of SCAD (the Savannah College of Art and Design)

    She honors Southern heritage “What I cherish most about Savannah is the infusion of history and heritage into the here and now. At SCAD, everything old is new again.”

    Creative women inspire her “I would like to have experienced the early 20th century, when female artists, designers, and writers, including Kitty Lange Kielland, Coco Chanel, Edith Wharton, and Virginia Woolf, came to prominence.”

    She gives historic buildings new life “At SCAD, every edifice is an education. Our revitalized buildings reinforce lessons about quality, about what stands the test of time. The arches under which our students pass are portals to possibility. Moreover, by preserving historic structures for posterity, SCAD salutes the aesthetics and artifacts of lives and loves gone by.”

    She delights in travel “The allure of travel lies in the freedom of a suitcase—taking only what one needs and leaving room for serendipity. I attend concerts and frequent galleries wherever I go. Visual arts and performing arts connect and transcend language, time, and place.”

    On her nightstand you’ll find … “My blue Smythson 2014 journal, its pages looped in cursive, strewn with inchoate ideas for pondering in the night and pursuing in the morning.”

    She’s a fan of the classics “To me, classic design means the grace, serenity, and always-fresh style of a black-and-white checkerboard foyer.”

    Memories are to cherish She still owns the dress from her first piano recital (stitched by her grandmother) and fondly remembers summer days spent listening to baseball games on the radio with her father.

    I am traditional She has a penchant for making s’mores, delights in storytelling, and confides that her favorite book is the children’s classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit, which introduced her to the word “soporific.” 

  • Colleen Duffley

    Natalie Chanin

    Hometown: Florence, Alabama

    Occupation: Designer, stylist, and founder and creative director of the lifestyle and fashion company Alabama Chanin.

    Comfort first “I am always happiest when I feel comfortable. I want to be able to move around, work, dance, cook dinner, and still feel beautiful. Some women associate pain with beauty—wearing tight corsets and undergarments, uncomfortable shoes, artfully constructed hair and makeup. I think that, for me, personal style, beauty, and comfort are not mutually exclusive.”

    She finds beauty in simplicity “Alabama Chanin’s most recent collection is inspired by photos from the 1930s and ’40s of American farmers and working families. There is a practicality in those garments—each person took time to make what they were wearing special. They took pride in their appearances, even when they had almost nothing. Those people—and everyone who takes the time to add their personal stamp to life—are my style icons.”

    Her favorite things “I love the sunlight that comes through my kitchen windows. I have a daughter in elementary school, so our home is ‘lived-in.’ It is easy to acquire ‘stuff,’ so I work hard to fill a home with a few beautiful and useful things. I don’t think I could live without my books, which take up more space every year, and a sturdy cast-iron skillet.”

    Sweet home Alabama “In my community in Alabama, I am surrounded by people who have an incredible work ethic. So many people still know how to grow things in the earth, make things with their hands, and perfect a craft or a trade. I love seeing the artistic community grow and flourish. We all work to support one another and genuinely want to see our fellow artists succeed. ‘A rising tide lifts all boats,’ as they say.”

    I am traditional For Natalie, versatility and craftsmanship remain constant, and classic beauty trumps trend.  “Make something well, and it will last a lifetime.”

  • Cliff Watts

    Hayden Panettiere

    Hometown Palisades, New York 

    Occupation Actress and singer. She currently stars in ABC’s Nashville and is known for her role as cheerleader Claire Bennet on the series Heroes.

    Her most prized possession? “I live in my friend’s attic, so it would probably be the portable air conditioning unit I installed. You try living through a Nashville summer without one!”

    Comfort is key “My style can be all over the place, depending on my mood. The one thing that has become more important to me is comfort. As much as I love fashion, it’s rarely worth it to be uncomfortable and have to think too hard about what you’re wearing all night. Or what body part might fall out!”

    When times allows “My ideal weekend would include holing up in bed with my girlfriends and having a movie marathon. The hours I work can be crazy, so when I finally get a second to breathe it’s nice to really turn my brain off. I could be tempted by a fun and spontaneous trip, though!”

    She’s a Paul Simon fan “Growing up, my favorite tradition was when my dad would play Call Me Al, and the whole family would dance around the living room.”

    Her wardrobe essential “I think every woman should own a great black dress jacket. I love my Helmut Lang and wear it with everything and anything! It can dress up jeans and T-shirts or dress down a cocktail dress.”

    I am traditional She scrapbooks, loves chicken noodle soup, and has a thing for classic Shirley Temple movies.

    Photograph by Cliff Watts

  • Colleen Duffley

    India Hicks

    Hometown  British-born Hicks has called Harbour Island, Bahamas, home since 1996.

    Occupation  Mother of 4, model, fashion and jewelry designer—to mention a few. You can see her collections and blog at  

    She’s royalty in more ways than one  Not only did India serve as a bridesmaid to Princess Diana (she’s a second cousin to The Prince of Wales), she is design royalty as well. She’s the daughter of England’s iconic interior designer, the late David Hicks.

    England still feels like home  “I love going back to England and my mother’s home. It holds the secrets of my childhood. And it has the extraordinary garden my father designed—a green garden of allées, vistas, hedged rooms, and grassy labyrinths.”

    She cherishes promptness  “I think every man should own a stylish, reliable watch. They then have no excuse for being late.”

    She knows how to travel in style  And she thinks dachshunds just may make the best travel companions. “They fit under the seat of an airplane, and they don’t borrow your clothes.”

    She treasures family history  What does she love most about her home? “That it holds our history as a family. I even sleep in a Lord Mountbatten tester bed, named after my grandfather.”

    She has a competitive streak  “Growing up, my favorite family tradition was playing Racing Demon—a card game—and learning to be unhealthily competitive with my cousins and siblings.”

    I am traditional  She loves Gone With the Wind, has mad organizational skills, hates sand in her bed and speeding tickets, and still owns her first pair of jodhpurs.

    Photograph: Colleen Duffley


  • Joe Schmeltzer

    Ty Pennington

    Hometown Atlanta, Georgia

    How you know him  He brings tears to the eyes of millions of viewers every week when, as host of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” he gives deserving families the chance to rebuild their homes—and their lives.

    He knows whereof he speaks  The go-to guy for home renovation has a few words of wisdom for do-it-yourselfers: “Before you start, make sure you can finish.” 

    Never good enough “My biggest pet peeve is the phrase ‘good enough’ when used as a measure of success. ‘That’s good enough’ just doesn’t cut it for me.”

    Time travel  “I’d love to go back to the ’70s so I could retrieve every album cover and comic book I ever traded, sold, or gave away.”

    Collector’s items He travels so much that he’s started to collect air sickness bags.

    A valuable life lesson learned  Don’t drive wearing flip-flops. “The worst renovation disaster I’ve seen is when a buddy accidentally drove through his garage wall into his living room after his flip-flop caught under the gas pedal. He was so embarrassed that he refused to call anyone for help. He just stapled black plastic sheeting to the studs and covered it with posters—as if nobody would look at it and say, ‘Dude, that plastic sheeting is covering a big ol’ hole in your house!’"

    Family free-for-all “I find myself feeling pretty traditional around the holidays. I love the big table with tons of family recipes and everyone talking at the same time.”

    I am traditional He cooks with real butter, doesn’t understand why we need so many strip malls, and doesn’t believe in buying jeans that have already been distressed. “The magic is in the journey that leads to the rips.”

    Photograph: Joe Schmeltzer


  • Evans Caglage

    Lela Rose

    Hometown  Dallas native and Parsons School of Design grad, now living in Gotham

    Occupation  Fashion designer whose pretty, frilly, feminine-with-attitude confections delight Jessica Simpson, Mariska Hargitay, Ashley Judd, and not only the ubiquitous Olsen twins but twin sisters Jenna and Barbara Bush as well

    Favorite movie  “Giant. I love its lavishness. I also love When Harry Met Sally. After seeing it, I was dying to move to New York, get a perm like Meg Ryan’s, and walk through Central Park.” [The New York move was a go; her perm was a no.]

    Cherished possession  “I still own my first sewing machine.”

    About that cool bike “In my free time I love to ride my custom-built blue bike through the streets of Manhattan. It’s a total delight . . . and has room for my kids (or my dog) in back.”

    Secret dream “To own a homemade ice cream store—and use all the Southern recipes passed down from my mother, grandmother, and aunts.”

    Favorite tradition “I refuse to let my mother change anything about the Christmas breakfast she has made since I was a little girl. And believe it or not, I still get a stocking from Santa Claus.”

    If you don’t use it “I use my good silver and china when entertaining, even casually. What is the point of having it if you can’t show it off?”

    I am traditional “I believe that a girl should never call a boy.”

    Photograph: Evans Caglage


  • Mark Seliger

    Sheryl Crow

    Hometown  Born and raised in Kennett, Missouri, she now lives in Nashville with her sons, Wyatt and Levi.

    Occupation  Singer/songwriter. She’s a nine-time Grammy winner and released her seventh album, 100 Miles from Memphis, in 2010.

    She loves a good hand-me-down  “I love antiques. One of my favorites is my great-grandfather’s desk. He was a newspaper editor in Van Buren, Missouri. That will go everywhere with me.”

    They don’t make ’em like they used to  “I still have my first pair of Dingo boots. I got them when I was 14 and still wear them. And my favorite guitar is a 1964 Country & Western by Gibson. No matter how many guitars I have, I always go back to it.”

    She loves the classics (especially when it comes to men)  “If I could sing a duet with any musician past or present it would have to be Frank Sinatra. And I’d love to have danced with Gene Kelly. I saw Brigadoon when I was 8 or so. I really believed that I was supposed to be with him!”

    Bet that’s one cool pillow  “Believe it or not, I really enjoy sewing. Both my mother and my grandmother sewed. I rarely have time to do it, but I’ve been known to make the occasional throw pillow.”

    She’s still a small-town girl at heart  “I grew up in a small town 106 miles from Memphis. As kids, we’d go to the ‘big city’ once a year to see Santa at Goldsmith’s department store. It’s still one of my favorite memories.”

    I am traditional  She was a majorette in high school, she thinks every woman should own a slow cooker, and she sends handwritten thank-you notes. “I’m not always punctual, but I still send them!”

    Photograph: Mark Seliger


  • Andrew MacPherson

    Cindy Crawford

    Hometown  DeKalb, Illinois

    Occupation  The ultimate hyphenate: wife-mother-supermodel-actress-author-entrepreneur-style icon. In 2009, she introduced Cindy Crawford Style—a line of home furnishings and accessories for JCPenney.

    Shirley MacLaine moves her to tears  “Terms of Endearment is my favorite old movie. (Does 1983 count as old?) It has great performances, and is always good for a cathartic cry.”

    Ladies, it’s all about the Jimmy Choos  “I think every woman should own at least one pair of designer shoes. They make you feel hot! The higher the heel, the better.”

    Her role model  “The person I most admire is my mother. She has loved all her children unconditionally and also managed to have a positive outlook on life, even through hardships.”

    Her instincts have served her well.  Her best advice? “Trust your instincts, and don’t be afraid of failure.”

    She loves the classics  “To me, classic design means timelessness—like a black pump, a great trench coat, or the perfect white shirt.”

    There’s one thing she hasn’t done  “If I could go anywhere, it would be to the White House for dinner!”

    Her secret desire?  “I would have loved to have been a hippie. I started working when I was 16 and was always so responsible. It might be fun to go the other way for a bit!”

    I am traditional  “I love bowling, have Midwestern values, and am happiest when I’m on the beach in Malibu with my husband and kids. And I love Christmas.”

    Photograph: Andrew MacPherson


  • Jonathan Skow

    Trina Turk

    Hometown Los Angeles

    Occupation Fashion designer—she founded Trina Turk in 1995—known for her playful sense of color and pattern. She has also created a vibrantly colorful line of indoor/outdoor fabrics for F. Schumacher & Co.

    007 must be the man of her dreams “Every woman should own at least one perfectly tailored vintage cocktail dress so she can be the intriguing woman at the party. Every man should own a French-cuffed shirt, just so he can wear cufflinks. I love cufflinks.”

    Most memorable fashion faux pas The dreaded Big-Hair phase—“a root perm in the 1980s.”

    She’s a Billy Wilder fan “My favorite old movie is Sunset Boulevard. I love Los Angeles, and L.A. looks amazing in this movie!”

    There’s nothing wrong with a little retail therapy  “I still own my first credit card from the 1970s. It’s from Nordstrom—brown and white with no magnetic strip. They were smart to give me a credit card when I was 15!”

    Now that’s scary Her biggest fear? “The 405 freeway in L.A.!”

    Color rules her world “I love the vintage YSL color combo of hot pink and tomato red—and my lacquered red front door.”

    I am traditional “I make a delicious apple pie with no recipe, don’t understand why we need plastic shopping bags, love the Rose Bowl Flea Market, and believe that a great room evolves over time.”

    Photograph: Jonathan Skow

  • Jill Greenberg/Corbis Outline

    Mike Rowe

    Hometown  “San Francisco is where the mail comes, but Baltimore is still home.”

    Occupation Ford Trucks spokesman, voice of “Deadliest Catch,” and host of Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” where he travels the country learning to do, well, dirty jobs. “I’m a perpetual apprentice, a lab rat, a guinea pig, and an all-around good sport. My job is fundamentally to get paid to try. I am also a devastating Trivial Pursuit player.”

    Best invention ever?  “It’s tempting to say electricity. And fire and the wheel are big ones. But I think I’m going to go with the bottle opener. When you need one and you don’t have one, there are few moments more disappointing.”

    We’d rather have the briefcase of money  “I still own my first pocketknife—a Swiss Army. I found it when I was a kid, and it was like finding a briefcase of money as an adult. It was fascinating. It had endless things in it. It was like finding a ring of keys. I wasn’t even sure what all those keys went to, but the fact that I had them made me feel equipped. Capable. Dangerous.”

    He didn’t get the handy gene  “My granddad dropped out of the 8th grade but became a tradesman—a master plumber and electrician. He could build a house without a blueprint, and did, many times. I was desperate to do what he could do, but didn’t get the handy gene. For me, ‘Dirty Jobs’ is kind of a return to my childhood on the farm doing—or trying to do—all these traditional jobs.”

    I am traditional  “I have learned that you can’t outrun your past. You should embrace it. Even the embarrassing QVC bits. I also think every man should own a fedora. They’re coming back, and you’re going to feel stupid without one.”

    Photograph: Jill Greenberg/Corbis Outline 

  • Paul Schefz/Corbis Outline

    Connie Britton

    Hometown  Lynchburg, Virginia

    Occupation  Actress and documentary film director/producer. You may know her best from playing Tami Taylor in “Friday Night Lights”; she currently stars in “Nashville.”

    Jack LaLanne would be proud. Henry Ford, not so much.  “The vegetable juicer is just about the best invention ever, but I don’t understand why we need carburetors.”

    She loves the classics  Her favorite old movie is Gone With the Wind. “OK, maybe it’s a little dorky. But, honestly, I remember watching it as a little girl and just loving the Southern tradition of it. Growing up in an area rich with history from the Civil War, the movie gave a romantic and vibrant visual to where I lived.”

    Her ideal Friday night?  “A delicious, cozy, luxurious dinner with friends. Four hours, easy!”

    If only we had a time machine  “I’d love to go back to the ’70s and check them out as a grown-up. I’m not idealizing that time, but it sure would be fun to pull off those mini- and maxi-skirts for a while!”

    She’s beginning to understand the appeal of football  “It’s the spirit of the game. Watching football creates such a sense of camaraderie. As does playing it, of course—people striving together toward one goal, the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat!”

    I am traditional  She’s always had a mad crush on Robert Redford (who hasn’t?), loves the tradition of storytelling, still owns her first jean jacket, and believes that less is definitely more.

    Photograph: Paul Schefz/Corbis Outline

  • Robert Adam Mayer

    Aisha Tyler

    Hometown  San Francisco

    Occupation  Author, actress, stand-up comedienne, and talk-show host—you can currently see her on CBS’s “The Talk.”

    She’s an extreme baker  “I am obsessed with scratch cookery. Sometimes I take it too far, though. One New Year’s Eve I made sliders and insisted on making the buns from scratch. I was covered in flour and in the kitchen for hours. The next year, my friends had an intervention and made me buy the buns. I spent significantly more time having fun that year.”

    She loves a man who dresses for dinner  “I think every man should own at least one great, well-fitting suit. I always think my husband looks handsome, but I especially love seeing him in a suit because it usually means he is taking me out to dinner!”

    Grandma’s gumbo still gets her  “Growing up, my favorite tradition was (and still is) that my family makes traditional Southern seafood gumbo at Christmas instead of a more conventional meal. My grandmother is from Savannah, Georgia, and her recipe has been handed down by word of mouth; we cook it from memory now.”

    She has her regrets  “When I was young, I had the biggest crush on Billy Idol. I was seriously delirious. And I dressed like Madonna for a good part of high school—truly tragic on a 6-foot-tall tomboy.”

    She’s slightly Type A  “I try to stop working by dinnertime, but many days work keeps me in my home office late. I take my iPad to bed and spend an hour or two reading up on upcoming guests, poring over scripts, and maybe playing a little Words with Friends. I usually collapse around 11:30—many a night I’ve awakened with my face smushed against my iPad. So glamorous!”

    I am traditional  She shows her love through food, still owns her first KitchenAid mixer, and prizes kindness.

    Photograph: Robert Adam Mayer


  • John Bessler

    Martin Waller

    Occupation  Anthropologist-in-training, world-traveler extraordinaire, trendsetter, and modern-day Indiana Jones (minus the fedora and whip). In his spare time he is managing director of Andrew Martin—a furniture, accessories, and fabric retailer with showrooms in London, New York, Moscow, Athens, and Dubai.

    Hometown London, England (when he’s not off globe-trotting in search of antiquities and inspiration for Andrew Martin’s latest collections.)

    Favorite song  “‘Puff the Magic Dragon’—it still doesn’t get any better than Peter, Paul & Mary.”

    Now that’s an antique  “One of my favorite pieces is a 3,000-year-old Egyptian funerary mask—the ultimate reminder of our mortality.”

    Favorite team sport “I’d have to say elephant polo.” (Yes, it’s really a sport—Martin recently captained the Andrew Martin team in the Elephant Polo World Championships in Nepal.)

    Pub grub “I’d much rather eat at my favorite local burger joint (Tootsies in Holland Park, London) than the latest hot spot. The food is good, and I don’t have to listen to an interminable and incomprehensible list of daily specials.”

    Secret crush “I’ve always loved actresses Susan Hampshire and Julie Christie (and too many others to list here).”

    I am traditional  “I still prefer letters to texts. I think gyms are highly overrated. And I maintain that Sean Connery was the ultimate Bond.”

    Photograph: John Bessler


  • Joe Standart

    Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti

    Hometown  Geneva, Switzerland

    Occupation  Entrepreneur and trend hunter. She founded the online shopping site

    She’s a sucker for the classics  “I still own my first Louis Vuitton duffel bag that I got when I was a teenager on my way to boarding school. It is so scuffed it practically has holes, but I use it all the time.”

    She’ll try anything once  “I love skydiving and getting lost in the streets of cities that I don’t know.”

    Time travel intrigues her  “If I could live in any period of time, it would have to be Paris in the 1920s—perhaps because I just saw that Woody Allen film! But wouldn’t it be fun to be able to go to the future and the past?”

    She’s a curator  “I love the stories my home tells about my life. I believe in a life of collecting and not just buying—that juxtaposition of pieces collected across a lifetime makes everything that I own and that Vivre curates interesting.”

    It’s the little things  “I believe in cooking a meal at home and setting a beautiful table, even if no one else but my kids and husband are joining me for dinner. And I still believe that one should dress up for travel—I never fly anywhere without a blazer.”

    I am traditional  “I think all great things in life are timeless. I love flea markets and the idea of collecting furniture from every era. And I quote my grandmother at least once a day!”

    Photograph: Joe Standart

  • Melanie Dunea

    Bridget Moynahan

    Hometown  Longmeadow, Massachusetts

    Occupation  Actress—you can currently see her in the CBS hit “Blue Bloods.”

    She’s no girly-girl  How does she handle all that testosterone on the set of Blue Bloods? “I grew up with two brothers and all male cousins. Naturally, I was constantly making sure that I could hold my own, so it seems very natural for me to be on set with all the men.”

    She loves her vintage vinyl  “I still own my first albums—Prince, Queen, and Pat Benatar!”

    She buys her own bling  “I think every woman should own at least one piece of fine jewelry that she bought for herself. Just to remind herself that she can.”

    She’s an equal opportunity “crusher”  “When I was young, I had the biggest crush on Rob Lowe. And Freddie Mercury. And Debbie Harry. Clearly, I have broad range!”

    Little luxuries rule  “I can’t live without my collection of cashmere scarves. I love to feel warm and cozy, especially when I am traveling. We all have to compromise when traveling by plane these days. I always take along a big, soft scarf to keep me company on the flight.”

    She counts her blessings  “Growing up, my favorite tradition was the orange we always found in our Christmas stockings. When my mom was growing up, it was considered a very special treat. Now, I continue it more as a reminder of how fortunate we are.”

    I am traditional  “I live an unconventional life. My son, even more so. But I try to bring as much tradition and normalcy into the very abnormal world in which we are fortunate to be living.”

    Photograph: Melanie Dunea

  • Mark Edward Harris

    Gabriella Sarlo

    Hometown  San Francisco

    Occupation  Collector, designer, and owner of Sarlo, an antiques, lighting, and textiles shop in San Francisco.

    You’ve got to love a girl who loves girl-power  “My favorite classic television show is ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ I love the hair, the fashion, and the girl-power.”

    She’s been a party girl since Day One  “Growing up, my favorite tradition was planning my birthday parties. I remember spending hours thinking about the theme, the decor. My love of entertaining has been in effect since the age of 4!”

    There’s nothing like your first piece of bling  “I still own my first piece of jewelry. It’s a gold heart necklace with my birthstone—a gift from my father on the day I was born.”

    Maybe Al Roker can help her biggest frustration?  “At the moment, it’s the fog in San Francisco. It’s so frustrating knowing that the sun is so close—just 15 minutes across either bridge—yet so far away!”

    See? Antiques really are cool!  “I am fascinated by the unknown history of a piece of antique or vintage furniture. Just think about where it has been, who has owned it, where it may have traveled, and the conversations it has overheard. Antiques add an element of interest that doesn’t exist with something brand-new.”

    I am traditional  She digs doing the laundry, loves it when someone hands her an old-fashioned calling card, and thinks impeccable manners are a must.

    Photograph: Mark Edward Harris

  • © ABC/Bob D’Amico

    Jeremy Sisto

    Hometown  He grew up in Chicago but now calls New York and L.A. home.

    Occupation  Actor—he plays the endearingly overprotective single dad George Altman on ABC’s hit comedy “Suburgatory.”

    His daughter inherited his creative side  “My daughter Chuck and I love to play with imaginary fairies in the pool.”

    He has fond childhood memories  His favorite? “Riding my bike with my mom and sister to Heartland Cafe (in Chicago) for cornbread and lemonade.”

    Short and sweet  His best advice is simple and to the point: “Pay attention.”

    He and George Altman have one thing in common  “We are both extremely intent on being good dads.”

    He’s a people watcher  “I love the front stoop. To sit with my girls by my side and watch the people walk by is my favorite pastime.”

    Cooking’s not his thing  “I cooked fish on toast once. Then I retired.”

    He’s got a thing for iconic women’s wear  If he could go back to any period of time, what would it be? “The ’20s seem pretty cool. I like those flapper dresses.”

    I am traditional  He fondly remembers his first crush (on a girl named Senta), loves that he’s actually paid to be creative for a living, and is bucking his nontraditional side to create family traditions for his daughter. 

    Photograph: © ABC/Bob D’Amico


  • Dan Lecca

    Betsey Johnson

    Hometown Wethersfield, Connecticut

    How you know her  She is a trend-setting New York fashion designer known for her use of vibrant color and energetic, over-the-top creations. She began her career as part of the Warhol scene in the ’60s and continues to appeal to young fashionistas in an industry that is constantly looking for the next best thing.

    Dancing queen As a child, she longed for a career in dance but chose fashion after winning a contest in Mademoiselle. Plan B? She’d still love to be a Radio City Rockette.

    She has the wardrobe for it A peek inside her closet reveals a stash of her childhood dance costumes. (In fact, they continue to inspire her to this day. Many of her designs still have a whimsical costume-like edge.)

    If the fishnet fits The one item in her closet with which she couldn’t possibly part? “A fishnet Paraphernalia dress that Edie Sedgwick wore in the 1960s.”

    She adores her alone time“I love to eat dinner at restaurants by myself. After a long day of meetings and nonstop talking, I like to relax and people watch.”

    No regrets “If given the chance to start over, I’d do it all again!”

    Favorite tradition “For Christmas, my whole family gets together at my brother’s house or my sister’s. We take a group picture of everyone on the stairs. It’s nice to see how the kids grow, and there’s always a new addition.”

    She has a classic side “To me, classic design means timeless pieces that never go out of style.”

    Her fashion faux pas? “Oh, I don’t know. Pink hair?”

    I am traditional  “You don’t have to follow any trends, especially since not all trends look good on everyone. Wear what makes you feel good, happy, beautiful—no matter what other people may say. Fashion should be fun, adventurous—true blue you.”

    Photograph: Dan Lecca


  • © J. Vespa/WireImage

    Connie Nielsen

    Hometown  Born in Denmark, she now calls San Francisco and New York home.

    Occupation  Actress—she stars opposite Kelsey Grammer in the Starz series “Boss”—and philanthropist—she founded the Road to Freedom scholarships program, which provides scholarships to young girls in the Kibera, a slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

    She loves the holidays  “When I was growing up in Denmark, my favorite tradition was Christmas decorating day. We would drive through the snow to the Christmas tree plantation, choose our tree, and then sit in a big hall with other families in our little town and create decorations for the big night. We would eat æbleskiver (ball-shaped, cardamom-flavored pancakes with tiny pieces of fresh apple) and drink hot cinnamon glögg (mulled wine). The anticipation for the big night just got bigger and better with all the pretty things we created by hand.”

    She’s travel-ready  “I still own my first suitcase. It reminds me of setting out on my own for the first time and makes me look back and see just how far I have come.”

    She has a soft spot for 1970s police dramas   “I loved “McCloud.” Dennis Weaver looked like a cool cowboy version of my dad.”

    All in the family  “Family is at the center of my life. Our family traditions are beautiful. The faces of my children as they await a moment they already know will give them enormous pleasure are my true treasures. Whether it is our morning birthday ritual—with silver trays, candles, flowers, champagne, chocolate, and oodles of gifts—or Christmas Eve with Danish food, songs, and hundreds of candles, it gives me joy to see their joy.”

    I am traditional  She believes in trusting your gut, thinks every man should play a musical instrument, and cherishes a piece of antique Fortuny fabric given to her years ago at a Venetian haberdashery.

    Photograph: © J. Vespa/WireImage


  • Jonny Valiant

    Deborah Lloyd

    Hometown  Plymouth, England

    Occupation  As president and creative director of Kate Spade New York, she runs a company that is simultaneously classic and au courant. “I try to stay true to the DNA with which the brand was founded while constantly looking to the future for inspiration.”

    She remembers her roots  “I can’t live without my cup of good English tea!”

    Model behavior  “I’d love to have been a young woman in the 1960s—the glamour, the hair, the makeup! I basically want to have lived as [supermodel] Jean Shrimpton in her heyday.”

    Why she loves her home-sweet-home  “I am surrounded by all of my favorite things—collected through my adventures and travels. The worn green leather sofa in my parlor that we found at a New York auction house is one of my favorites.”

    I am traditional  “I believe in good manners and handwritten notes, in using fine china and proper crystal, and in dressing up every day.”

    Photograph: Jonny Valiant


  • Greg Scheidemann

    Rocco DiSpirito

    Hometown Jamaica, Queens, New York

    How you know him He opened NYC’s Union Pacific Restaurant, makes a mean meatball (thanks to his mama), published a cookbook, braved reality TV in NBC’s “The Restaurant,” and did the mambo on ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.”

    His mother taught him well  “My mother taught me anything is possible—which is why she came from Italy to America. And laugh as much as you can, and be as kind as you can.”

    Don’t knock his risotto “One of the first dishes I learned how to make working with Gray Kunz at Lespinasse was his white truffle risotto. I made it my goal to learn how to make risotto as good or better than anyone in the restaurant.”

    He can’t pick just one favorite dish  “There are so many—my mom’s frittata, the spicy tuna hand roll at Nobu, and pizza by the slice from Joe’s in the West Village.”

    Kitchen gadget he can’t live without  His Peugeot 9-inch pepper mill.

    Kitchen gadget he just doesn’t get  Shrimp peeler.

    It’s the simple things “I think ketchup and mayonnaise mixed together is just about the best thing ever.”

    He loves the classics “My most cherished belonging is my signed copy of Jacques Pepin’s cookbook La Technique.

    He’s no color-phobe  “The thing I love most about my home is my fuchsia-colored living room wall. It’s the first thing you see when you enter, and it always brings a smile.” Run, Rocco, run “You’d never guess that I love training for a triathlon.”

    I am traditional “I believe in the code of chivalry—I still think a man should pay the check, hold a woman’s coat for her, and give her his seat on the subway.”

    Photograph: Greg Scheidemann

  • Werner Straube

    Caroline Scheeler

    Hometown  Chicago, Illinois

    Occupation  Creative director, buyer, and visionary for the oh-so-chic Chicago retailer Jayson Home & Garden.

    Vıntage vinyl  “I collect vinyl records—mostly rock.”  What would she save in case of fire? “The Ramones’ Rocket to Russia, Billie Holiday: The Golden Years, and Led Zeppelin II. I hope I don’t embarrass myself too much with this list!”

    The ’80s called… “I have a thing for preppy icons: monograms, madras, traditional menswear, and my riding habit.”

    Watch out, Prince Harry  She’s been riding all her life but just recently began playing polo. We hear she’s good!

    She has our dream job  When not in the office or on the polo field, Caroline scours flea markets around the world for vintage finds for Jayson Home. “By far, my favorite is the market in L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue in Provence. It’s a living, breathing, postcard village with unbelievable antiques mixed with regional olives, breads, fruits, and vegetables—and great people-watching.”

    She’s always photo-ready  “I’m never without a camera, and I’ve recently gotten away from digital and back to shooting film. I just love the process of film—the handling of the camera, the film, the paper, and the printing. It is just more special to me. When you shoot film, you really try harder to get the shot right—and there’s a surprise waiting for you when you develop the film.”

    I am traditional  She collects vintage riding gear, loves “Mad Men,” and she has a recipe for a make-your-mouth-water chicken-noodle soup.

    Photograph: Werner Straube

  • © Steve Goldstein/Corbis

    Gabrielle Reece

    Hometown  She’s been a beach babe from day one. “I was born in La Jolla, California, raised on St. Thomas, and now spend six months in Malibu and six in Hawaii. Both are home.” Ah, perpetual summer.

    Occupation Former professional beach volleyball player, and model. And that’s to name just a few. “I’ve always said that I did all those other things in order to support the thing I really loved to do, which was volleyball.”

    She’s looking for low-maintenance  “I love interior design, but it’s easy to get intimidated. I finally realized that it’s really just about finding things you want to sit in and see every day. Comfortable pieces that aren’t too high-maintenance. When we become slaves to our environments, we’ve gone backwards. They should nurture us, not the other way around.”

    Work hard, play hard  “One of the many things I love about my husband [professional surfer Laird Hamilton] is that he’s a serious grown-up but still knows how to have good fun. We all have to work hard, but there’s no crime in enjoying it.”

    She’s on a mission “There seems to be no such thing as really cool size-12 shoes. Just nursing shoes or 4-inch heels that look like they were made for a cross-dresser.”

    Eyeballs over e-mails “I miss the days of direct face-to-face communication. In Hawaii, there is a big sense of community, and I love that. It reminds us to stay connected. As my husband likes to say, “Less e-mails, more eyeballs.”

    I am traditional She can’t live without chocolate, believes that being with her family is the No. 1 priority, hates unnecessary drama, and puts on a mean Fourth of July soiree.

    Photograph: © Steve Goldstein/Corbis


  • Michael Dweck

    Dylan Lauren

    Hometown  New York, New York

    How you know her This young businesswoman built on a surname synonymous with classic American style (Dad is designer Ralph Lauren), some seriously entrepreneurial genes, and a sweet tooth to create the nation’s hippest candy stores—Dylan’s Candy Bars (with the flagship store in New York).

    Gene Wilder would be proud  Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory inspired her career. “My parents showed it at my 6th birthday party. I was in awe of the bright colors and candy structures—the chocolate river, lollipop trees, gumball pedestals, edible daffodil teacups, and gummy bear trees.”

    She has a sweet toothand then some  “There’s absolutely nothing better than marshmallow fluff!”

    Comfort is key “I think every woman should own at least one pair of sneakers that look good with her office clothes so that she can be comfortable and still look great.”

    Parental advice “My parents taught me to listen to my gut. I find that when I don’t, I always regret it afterwards.”

    The family that eats together   “I’m extremely close to my family and see them at least once a week for dinner. We love healthy meals—fish, steamed vegetables—and dessert, of course!”

    She’s a girl at heart  “I still have my first pink bunny. There are thousands of others I’ve collected, throughout my apartment, my office, and my parents’ home.”

    Home Sweet Home While color reigns in her cotton candy-colored stores, a neutral palette rules in her Manhattan apartment. “To me, classic design means white, simple, and clean. I grew up in a very white, modern apartment. My home is a respite because it doesn’t feel like I’m surrounded by the madness of Manhattan. I want to feel as though I’m living in the country. The look is very French Country/shabby chic meets Monet’s place in Giverny.”

    It all comes back to the candy “Even as adults, we follow our tradition of holding family Easter egg hunts.”

    Photograph: Michael Dweck

  • Kate Schermerhorn

    Celia Tejada

    Hometown  Raised in Ruerrero, Santander, Spain, she and her two sons now call San Francisco home.

    Occupation  Mother, lifestyle visionary, vintner, philanthropist, and head of product design for Pottery Barn Kids and PBteen.

    Comfort first  “Every home should have at least one super-cozy, pillow-filled space. Nothing compares to snuggling up with your loved ones or relaxing that way with a good book or a movie. In my living room, I built a kind of theater/lounge with a wall-to-wall sofa, lots of pillows, and faux fur blankets. It’s heaven on earth!”

    She’s a poet at heart  “I think every woman should own at least one book of poetry by Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. I still own my first one—Twenty Poems of Love and a Song of Despair. It was a present when I was 17.”

    There’s no place like home  “More than anywhere, I love to travel to Ruerrero, my home village in Spain. Very little changes there year to year, and everything is real—humble and precious. It’s a place where I’m free to be myself and my children can learn the values of family, history, and love.”

    She has a thing for songwriters  “I would love to have Chris Isaak come to my house for one of my weekly dinners with friends. His voice touches my heart, and his lyrics are real.”

    Common sense is overrated  “My passionate heart sometimes goes before my common sense, but I am happy to live with the consequences!”

    I am traditional  She’s energized by her family, spends every summer in the village in which she was born and raised, and can’t live without her paella pan.

    Photograph: Kate Schermerhorn

  • Leslie Hassler

    Carson Kressley

    Hometown  Allentown, Pennsylvania

    Occupation  Makeover maven, TV personality (you may remember him as the fashion expert from Bravo’s “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”), actor, and clotheshorse.

    Proud to wear plaid  “When I was a child, my preferred outfit was a blue blazer and plaid pants. It’s still my favorite way to dress!”

    Green Acres is the place to be  “My favorite classic television show is Green Acres. I loved all of Eva Gabor’s Hollywood Regency furniture. Her peignoir sets were pretty fabulous, too.”

    Fashion flashback  “My biggest fashion faux pas? Parachute pants. What can I say? It was the ’80s. We all looked awful!”

    Deck the halls  “Growing up, it was my job to put up the family Christmas tree, and I loved it. I guess it was my little way of coming out! I still have my favorite antique ornaments from the 1960s that my mom kept stashed in the attic in favor of the silk-covered balls from the ’70s.”

    It’s all about the classics  “To me, classic design means tasteful basics that never go out of style—pieces that can be updated by adding color or trendier pieces. It works the same way with clothes or home furnishings.”

    I am traditional  He still owns his first tuxedo, can’t live without his cashmere sweaters and his Kohler soaking tub, and has a deathly fear of polyester.

    Photograph: Leslie Hassler

  • Nigel Parry for USA Network

    Tiffani Thiessen

    Hometown  Long Beach, California

    Occupation  Mom. Actress—you can currently see her in USA Network’s White Collar. Co-owner and designer of—a furniture and bedding collection for children.

    Her kitchen gets used and abused  “My favorite room in our house is the kitchen. It’s where we sit as a family and eat, where we entertain, and it’s another place where I can be creative.”

    It’s all in the jeans  “I think every woman should own at least one pair of good-fitting jeans. Jeans can make you feel so many ways—strong, sexy, easygoing, and fun.”

    We know what her husband is getting for his birthday  “I think every man should have a manicure set. Well-manicured hands and feet are a must!”

    Her pet peeve?  “People who don’t make eye contact when having a conversation! Too many people are on their cell phones and forget to connect with each other.”

    She loves the fabulous ’50s  “If I could go back to any period in time, it would be the ’50s. The music was upbeat and fun. It was a time when people were about family and family values. And the fashion was very classic and about clean lines, which I love.”

    She’s an ’80s poster child  As a child of the ’80s, she had the requisite crush on Johnny Depp, made the obligatory Sun-In “highlight” fashion faux pas, and fell in love with a little movie called E.T.

    I am traditional  “I believe in family values, love to clean, would rather stay home and cook than go out to eat, and still take advice from my mother and grandmother.”

    Photograph: Nigel Parry for USA Network


  • John Bessler

    Allegra Hicks

    Hometown  Born in Turin, Italy, she currently lives in London, England.

    Occupation  Designer. From fashion to textiles and homewares, she’s created products for companies including West Elm, Lee Jofa, and The Rug Company. Her eponymous fashion and accessories line is available in her lifestyle stores and online at

    You can’t argue with da Vinci and Michelangelo  “If I could go back to one period in time, it would have to be the Renaissance. It was such a time of discovery. I’m Italian, and Italy was at its greatest.”

    She appreciates the power of flowers  What does she love most about London? No question: “The endless gardens with spring blossoms!”

    She’s inspired by far-flung locations  “I love discovering new places. And I get truly inspired every time I go back to India.”

    She always makes time for tea  She may not have been born a Brit, but she’s adopted one of their finest traditions. “It might seem old-fashioned, but I never miss afternoon tea.”

    Her must-haves?  An iPod with a really great playlist, fresh flowers in the house, her embroidered dining room wallpaper, and lipstick, “because it’s an instant beauty fix!”

    She’s rather open-minded about fashion  “My fashions are inspired by the fabulous ’40s—with the freedom of the ’70s!

    I am traditional  She still believes in the power of the little black dress, has a thing for Bob Dylan, and doesn’t understand why we need reality TV.

    Photograph: John Bessler

  • Jeff Vespa

    Virginia Williams

    Hometown  Memphis, Tennessee

    Occupation  Actress. She currently stars as Lauren Reed in USA Network’s “Fairly Legal.”

    She channels Martha Stewart  “I monogram all my bedding and towels. I love nothing more than freshly ironed, monogrammed pillowcases!”

    Football flashbacks  “I actually love watching college football and cooking game-day grub for a big group cheering in the living room. I guess it reminds me of when I was a kid, with my dad and brother screaming at the TV every Saturday.”

    Millinery mania  “I collect hats. I own dozens of them. I wish the pillbox would come back in style—it’s just so chic.”

    Even her name is a classic  “I was named after my grandmothers. My full name is Virginia Rosemary Williams.”

    Sentimental silver  “My most prized possession is my grandmother’s silver collection. My grandfather actually gave it to me as a wedding present after she passed, and that meant so much to me. It’s Chantilly by Gorham. Every time I see it I think about Christmas dinners at her house.”

    I am traditional  She loves a good theme party, adores engraved stationery, and makes a gourmet mac and cheese that’s to die for!

    Photograph: Jeff Vespa


  • Joe Standart

    Keith Johnson

    Hometown  New York City, Philadelphia, and Wellington, Florida. “But I grew up in New York City, so I’ll always feel like a New Yorker.”

    Occupation  As art and antiques buyer for Anthropologie, he travels the world in search of antiques, artifacts, and today’s most innovative artisans.

    He has a Plan B  “If I weren’t a buyer, I would be an art dealer. [Just like his dad.] I love that people are creating wonderful things that will be treasured as antiques in the future.”

    Travel is in his blood  “Growing up, I loved packages arriving from around the world for my dad’s business. He once bought hundreds of old clocks from railroad stations in Europe when they changed from wind-up to electric—they really spoke of travel and faraway places.”

    Deepest fear?  “Losing my passport! I check my pocket for it several times a day.”

    Downside to travel?  “I shop antiques and food markets and almost never come home without a reminder of the trip—a practice I really need to stop!”

    He can be a creature of habit  “I enjoy revisiting places I love—staying at the same spots and often eating at the same restaurants. You need some grounding in our world!”

    I am traditional  Keith loves The Avengers, is inspired by cultures that continue to cherish their traditions, and still owns almost every antique he’s ever bought.

    Photograph: Joe Standart


  • Colleen Duffley

    Emily Robison

    Hometown  San Antonio

    Occupation  Musician, singer, songwriter, and Grammy winner. Emily was a founding member of the Dixie Chicks and is now lead vocalist for the Court Yard Hounds (a group she formed with her sister Martie Maguire).

    Proud to be lacquer-free  “To me, classic design means being able to say that I never owned black lacquer!”

    She likes a man in a blazer  Her secret crush? Broadcast journalist Charlie Rose. Yes, really.

    The Top Gun effect  “If I weren’t a musician, I’d probably be a fighter pilot. In high school, I thought I wanted to go to the Air Force Academy and fly jets.”

    Tool time  “I think every woman should own at least one set of tools. I love being able to do basic fix-it jobs on my own.”

    We like her style  “I like to surround myself with pieces that are well-worn, classic, and comfortable. I lean toward Spanish Colonial antiques and clean-lined rustic pieces.”

    I am traditional  “I love to fish, think all photographs look better in black and white, and believe that vintage instruments just sound better.”

    Photograph: Colleen Duffley


  • Davis Factor/DR Photo Management

    David and Paul Bettner

    Occupation  Founded mobile game company Newtoy in  McKinney, Texas, and created the Games with  Friends franchise.

    What inspires you?  “Advancement of technology,” says David. “I feel we’re finally in the future we were promised as children. I’m still waiting on flying cars, though!” For Paul, it’s “Great stories, books, movies, video games, songs—it doesn’t matter where it comes from.”

    Part of their history  “One of my earliest video game memories is playing Super Mario Brothers and wondering what existed behind the blocks,” recalls David. “I was already dreaming of 3D video games.”

    Paul has a soft spot for good design  “Our home is over 100 years old. I love the quality workmanship.”

    Should have known  Both brothers think the iPhone is just about the best invention ever. “Really, did you need to ask?” laughs Paul.

    Family first  “Every summer our family would rent a cottage on [Florida’s] Captiva Island. We’d play video games, swim in the pool, build model airplanes, and race bicycles across the island,” says David. “Those summers are my fondest memories.”

    Mmm ... Nutella  “I think every man should own at least one great suit. You should see the look on my wife’s face when I wear one,” says Paul. “And I think every woman should own at least one jar of Nutella.” Why? “You should see the look on my wife’s face when she has some.”

    I am traditional  David proposed to his wife with her great-grandmother’s ring. Paul lives in a fully restored Victorian home in McKinney.

    Photograph: Davis Factor/DR Photo Management


  • Michael Randazo

    Jenifer Ringer

    Hometown  New York City

    Occupation  Principal dancer with the New York City Ballet

    Bigger is not always better  The thing she loves most about  her apartment? “Manhattan-sized appliances—a tiny dishwasher is better than no dishwasher! And I couldn’t live without my pantry. In New York, there is never enough space, so it feels like such a luxury. Now if I could only keep it organized.”

    Creamy or chunky?  “Peanut butter rocks!”

    We’d love to hear more of that story  Strangest moment onstage? “A giant pair of metal scissors dropped out of a fellow dancer’s costume fifteen minutes into the performance.”

    Dixie Chicks meet Swan Lake  Favorite music? “Country! Willie, Dolly, Garth, Dixie Chicks … ”

    It’s the simple things  What makes Jenifer happiest? “Seeing my husband make my daughter crack up.”

    Parental guidance  “My mom taught me to make memories—make the effort to spend the time with your loved ones in special ways. My dad taught me how to fish.”

    Learning curve  “What amazes me about the past 20 years is how my priorities have changed. Things that used to keep me awake at night now seem so unimportant. I enjoy every experience so much more. I used to worry about whether I would be able to do a good pirouette. Now I am more focused on my family and friends—it feels so much better.”

    But is she a Trekkie?  “I love science fiction and am a huge fan of the new ‘Battlestar Galactica.’”

    I am traditional  “I always send thank-you notes, cook dinner for my family every night, and still own my first Winnie the Pooh. He looks pretty good for being 33 years old!”

    Photograph: Michael Randazo

  • Gordon Beall

    Alexandra Cousteau

    Hometown New York City

    How you know her The granddaughter of famed oceanic explorer Jacques Cousteau, this 32-year-old founder of the nonprofit Blue Legacy and member of National Geographic’s Emerging Explorers travels the globe in hopes of continuing her family’s legacy and inspiring us to take action on critical water issues.

    She’s a daddy’s girl  “The person I admire most is my father [Philippe Cousteau]. He was a man of courage, humor, kindness, and integrity, and his memory guides me in everything that I do.”

    Vintage rocks  “I still own my first camera—a Leica. It must be vintage by now!”

    She’s racked up serious frequent-flyer miles “My travels take me from the Arctic to Argentina and Costa Rica to Cambodia. Each place is more exciting than the last!”

    She obviously never saw Jaws “My friends tell me I’m crazy to swim with sharks. But really…what could go wrong?”

    She channels her inner Julia Child  “I love to cook. I’m usually so tired of eating in restaurants during my travels that I love to spend time in the kitchen when I’m home, preparing my favorite recipes and sharing them with my family.”

    Flannel over Neoprene  “I’m most comfortable when I’m wearing pajamas. Trust me, if you spent as much time as I do in a wetsuit, you’d understand.”

    Home is where the pastry is  “If I could live anywhere, it would be Paris. It’s the only place that really feels like home, and the croissants are out of this world!”

    I am traditional  “I could never spend Thanksgiving with anyone but my family, I think courtship is a dying art, and motherhood is the greatest challenge of all.”

    Photograph: Gordon Beall

  • Diego Uchitel

    Darby Stanchfield

    Hometown Dutch Harbor, Alaska

    Occupation Actress. She currently plays Abby Whelan, White House director of communications, on ABC’s Scandal.

    Creativity runs in her family “My mom and sister are both accomplished painters, and I have chosen paintings from different bodies of their work over the years. Nothing makes me happier than surrounding myself with these artistic expressions of them in my home.”  

    Childhood influences “In Alaska, we picked wild blueberries and salmonberries for homemade pies, muffins, and jams; hunted for wild morel mushrooms; and fished for salmon, halibut, and crab. Hunting and foraging for the local wild fare has definitely influenced my love of gardening and cooking with local, seasonal, and organic foods from the earth.”

    She has Scandal set envy “One of my favorite items is an oversize looking glass with a brass handle that sits on David Rosen’s desk. It would look great on my desk! And Abby’s townhouse—it has exposed brick walls that I love!”

    It’s all about the trench “I think every woman should own a well-designed black overcoat. It’s even better than a little black dress. You can wear it over anything and instantly look sharp.”

    Home sweet home “My home is a 1938 Colonial Revival decorated in an eclectic manner with French modern and art deco motifs. It’s so rewarding to handpick everything and mix old pieces with new.
    The home has more meaning that way.”

    I am traditional “I love home-cooked meals, spending time with my family, and reading hardbound books. And my personal style is classic with a modern edge.”

  • Chris Haston/NBC

    Kit Hoover, Co-host of Access Hollywood Live

    Hometown Atlanta, Georgia

    Camelot is calling “If I could go back to any period, it would be the ’60s. I’d love to emulate Jackie O from top to bottom—from the hair to the shades to the trench coats and the Bermudas. I love it all. 

    Her Grandma Pie had a heart of gold “I carry on all the traditions started by my Grandmother Pie, who always told us to never look down on anybody unless you are offering them a hand up.”

    She cherishes her Southern roots “I believe everything tastes better in a mason jar, good manners never go out of style, and, in the South, there’s no such thing as a stranger. ”

    Porch delight “What do I love about my home? The people in it. That said, I couldn’t live without my screened-in porch.” 

    Sweet Southern style “I’d describe my style as Southern. Preppy. Chic. My mom is my design icon—always classic and timeless.”

    Fondest memories “Growing up, we’d celebrate my dad’s birthday by running the 10K Peachtree Road Race, coming home to watch Wimbledon, and then finishing off the night celebrating with classic Southern BBQ and fireworks.”

    I am traditional “I could never part with my great-grandfather’s writing desk. I feel like every drawer has a story. And I believe family dinners are worth fighting for. (Aim for five, settle for three!)”

  • Jules Tahan

    Catherine Martin

    Occupation: Production and costume designer for film and stage; interior designer; winner of four Oscars

    Hometown Sydney, Australia

    How you know her She was a production and costume designer on The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge!, winning Oscars for both, and on Australia. She often collaborates with her noted producer/director/writer husband, Baz Luhrmann. 

    If time travel were possible … “I would go back to the late 19th century in Paris. It was such a time of contrast, where you had huge technological changes battling it out with a world that was still so linked to the past in terms of the decorative motifs, the way of life, and society’s prejudices.”

    Authenticity is key “Every space has an inherent nature that is either created by the volume of space or its year of renovation or creation. Those things have to speak to you in order to have a space that feels authentic and true to its architectural roots.”

    She loves what she does, all of it  “My artistic children are all of my films. I don’t play favorites.” 

    Her love of books goes way back “Growing up, my favorite books were the Little House on the Prairie series and an English series with a heroine called Milly-Molly-Mandy. I don’t think I’ve read any book more than I’ve read those.

    I am traditional She loves to knit, believes every woman should own her destiny, and counts The Wizard of Oz as her favorite classic film.

  • Vanessa Tierney

    Dianne Vavra

    Occupation Senior Vice President of Press and Celebrity Relations for Dior Beauty

    Hometown New York City

    Evolving style “I invest less in trends and more in classic pieces. I love it when I see an archival fashion image that could have been taken today or 30 years ago. Jackie Kennedy’s style evolved in this way. You see an image of her in a great fitted T-shirt, wide-leg jeans, and her fabulous sunglasses from the ’60s or ’70s, and it looks current.”

    She has an entrepreneurial spirit Her line, Le Trench, was born when “I was vintage shopping in Paris and came across this great 1950s leopard trench coat. Every time I wore it, people would stop me in the street. When I told New York Times photographer Bill Cunningham the story he said, ‘You should make that, child.’ So I did.”

    Comfort is king “I live with my children in an adorable, cozy 1930s Cape on Long Island’s North Shore. Every piece of furniture or accessory is meaningful to me in some way. I especially cherish my vintage Louis Vuitton trunk that was purchased at an estate sale.”

    Turn back time “I love the style of the 1950s—the way the pastel colors of girls’ dresses matched the colors of their boyfriends’ cars is pretty fabulous.” 

    She’s a collector “I love the initial thrill of the hunt and then having the vision to rework a piece into something more modern.”

    I am Trad “I enjoy old-school fun. There’s nothing better than a game of Monopoly on a rainy afternoon, or sitting on a dock for hours with a bamboo fishing pole.”

  • Melissa Hom

    Carla Hall

    Occupation Chef, co-host of ABC’s The Chew, author, and restaurateur

    Hometown Nashville

    Emotional eating “My grandmothers inspired my love of cooking. They always cooked for us with so much love. And then, later in life, the women I met in Paris when I modeled. Far from home, we would talk and take care of each other with home-cooked dinner gatherings on Sundays.”

    Her Southern roots grow deep “My Southern roots have influenced everything from the food I’m drawn to to where I like to eat it. I always seek out Southernesque communities, where people are chatty, warm, and friendly. When I go out to eat, the community table idea has always been a thing for me, even before it became a trendy thing.”

    Tool time “I think every woman should own a power drill. It’s empowering. We should all know a little bit about how to take care of where we live. And I think every man should own at least one moisturizer. Not all boys are taught how to take care of their skin, and they should.” 

    She’s a collector “I collect cookbooks, cards,  and sea glass. I’m a bit of a magpie.”

    Home sweet home “I love my home. It’s comfortable but not too precious. It always feels cozy. And it’s perfect for entertaining—with an open layout.”

    I am Trad “I love traditional holiday meals, still call my mother and father ‘mama’ and ‘daddy,’ and I can’t live without cornbread, beans, and collard greens.” 

  • Elizabeth Lippman

    Rachel Roy

    Occupation: Designer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, and member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America

    Hometown Monterey, California

    Let there be light “My family home is light, warm, and comfortable with a clean palette to tell the stories of adventures my girls and I have been on and what inspires us. Natural light has always been a deal breaker for me. No natural light, no deal, no matter the location!”

    Treasured trinkets “We collect pieces from our travels—a sculpture made of discards from Haiti, pottery from India, shells from beaches in Mexico and beyond.”

    Back to basics “How you dress is how you present yourself to the world, so I think clothing choices should embody every individual’s character, echo their ambitions, and encourage them to live their best lives. For women, invest in basics that can last you a lifetime—a double-breasted blazer, a pair of wide-leg trousers, a great little black dress. These can be the foundation of your wardrobe; you build from there.”

    Philanthropy comes first “I’m passionate about creating opportunities for women and children who are in need of a voice. Kindness is Always Fashionable helps us create jobs for women artisans around the world. I truly believe through employment, you can find your voice and better your circumstances.”

    I am Trad “I believe in the classics. I value the stories of the past and how they can/do continue to inform the present and the future. And simple strong lines are, most always, the best.”

  • Joseph Llanes

    Martina McBride

    Occupation Singer, songwriter, country music superstar

    Hometown Sharon, Kansas

    Both sides now “Like me, my home has a split personality with two sides—a really down-to-earth, comfy side and a more glam side that loves to throw a good party.”

    Touches of class … and the past “I have a fairly clean aesthetic with touches of glamour. I like pretty things around me, but nothing too fancy or precious. Glam touches like Venetian mirrors and luscious draperies and jewel-​like chandeliers mixed with rustic Old World touches like limestone fireplace mantels, old wooden tables, old carved candlesticks, and neutral furniture.”

    Living the Music City USA dream “Nashville is my home now, and what I love most is the people. They are so friendly. Also, our restaurant scene is growing, so that’s fun.”

    Musical muse “One of my musical influences was Linda Ronstadt. I loved her song choices and how she wasn’t really confined to one genre. It always felt very artistic to me yet very welcoming and easy for people to relate to.”

    A whole new talent “I love to entertain at home, and I wanted to create a book that took some of the intimidation out of that. Around the Table has lots of tips and ways you can do things ahead to build up to your party day a little at a time, and it’s not so overwhelming. I wanted to include decorating ideas to create a mood as well as simple recipes that anyone can make with easy-to-find ingredients.”

    If she hadn’t become a singer … “I would be a party planner or own and run a restaurant.”

    Right at home “Cozy, pretty but comfortable means classic design to me, along with a good mix of textures, carved moldings, symmetry, a soft or neutral color palette, and a quirky surprise like a mirrored dining room table or a hidden reading nook.” 

    Country chic “I still own my first real stage outfit from my first tour. It was a short white skirt, white jacket with fringe, and white cowboy boots. I’m not sure what look I was going for, but let’s just say my style has evolved!”

    I am Trad “I love creating a warm and comfortable environment for my friends and family. I strongly believe in family dinners as often as possible. And I like my kids to work for what they have and accomplish things on their own.”

  • Inez & Vinoodh

    Padma Lakshmi

    How you know her New York Times best-selling author and host/executive producer of Top Chef

    Hometown New York City

    Colorful influences “I love vibrant color in my home and in anything I design. It reminds me of India and the beautiful silk saris I was engulfed in as a child. I have red and yellow drapes, bright blue walls, and a large Turkish Ottoman rug in my living room. Color is the unifying force by which I make all of the treasures that I’ve collected work for my home.”

    Kitchen essentials “Our kitchen is my favorite room in the house. I have a Lacanche stove in British racing green and a farmhouse sink. I built custom shelves which hang down from the ceiling and house all of the various serveware and cooking tools I’ve collected from my travels.” 

    New-fashioned and feminine “I’ve always loved using Turkish glass and Moroccan ceramics when entertaining, and wanted to incorporate those elements into my tableware collections—both Easy Exotic and The Padma Collection. I wanted to create something romantic and feminine, yet modern. I use the Wildflower foiled-glass serveware every day.”

    Guest list “My perfect dinner party guests would be Muhammad Ali, Dorothy Parker, Prince, Lenny Bruce, MFK Fisher, Edna Lewis, Cleopatra, Samuel Beckett, my mother, my grandfather, and my daughter, Krishna.”

    Turning back the hands of time “I know that cell phones and the Internet make everything so much better, but I do find myself missing a time without e-mail. I miss going to the mailbox and getting a letter from someone far away, or being excited at receiving a transatlantic call.”

    Broad horizons “Travel exposes you to so many new things that you may not have seen in your own environment. I think I’m happiest when I get to travel with my daughter. Even going to places where I’ve been often is especially wonderful to experience again through her eyes.”

    I am Trad “I prefer handwritten notes to texts or e-mails, hardcover books to a tablet, and essential oils to perfume.” 

  • Perry Hagopian

    Kyra Sedgwick

    How you know her Actress, director, and star of the new ABC show Ten Days in the Valley

    Hometown New York City

    Home sweet home “We had a house in Croton, New York, when I was growing up called the Gingerbread House. It was warm and whimsical at the same time, and I feel like my style is the same.”

    She’s a classicist “Classic design means anything that feels like it has a history, most importantly that it’s been lived in and that I can continue living in it.”

    Hair-raising collections “I collect trolls. They were the highlight of my childhood.”

    Sweet dreams “On my bedside table you would find a box where I write my fears on tiny bits of paper in hopes that they won’t be on my mind while I am sleeping.”

    Favorite things “I love the seating areas in my home and my Nikko Sedgwick paintings. And I can’t live without a big kitchen.”

    Musical musings “You might catch me singing Carpenters and Bread songs. And you’d probably be surprised to find a ukulele in my home.”

    I Am Traditional “I like candlelight, dinner with family, and welcoming people to my home.”

  • Courtesy of Loloi Rugs

    Joanna Gaines

    How you know her Designer, retailer, author, and co-host of HGTV’s Fixer Upper

    Hometown Waco, Texas

    She has state pride “Texans know how to make people feel welcome. Waco is such a resilient town, and I’m proud to call it home. This city has seen its fair share of hardships, but it always bounces back better and stronger.”

    Chip is her Valentine, but … “Since Chip and I try to go on a date night once a week, we don’t feel the need to keep holidays like Valentine’s Day all to ourselves. We set the table fancy, we all get dressed up, and we serve a big, beautiful candlelight dinner. It’s our kids’ favorite too. I’ll never forget one year we served lobster, and Chip chased all the kids around the house with a lobster. It was hilarious!”

    Surprise! “I love all-you-can-eat buffet restaurants, and I can’t live without my eyeliner.” 

    She’s a collecting fiend “So much so that Chip calls me a hoarder. Anyways, I collect antique tea cups, glassware, and cake plates. And plants—lots of plants.” 

    Words to live by “Don’t try to please the crowd. Always trust your instincts and go with your gut.” 

    I Am Traditional She still has her first Cabbage Patch Kid; she thinks every woman should own a pair of diamond-stud earrings and every man a pair of boots; and her favorite thing about home is that’s where her family is. 

  • Nicholas Scarpinato

    Gray Malin

    Hometown Los Angeles

    How you know him Fine art photographer and world traveler

    His suitcase runneth over “Travel broadens your entire mind, your spirit, your energy, and the way you live your life. To me, travel is happiness.”

    Shooting for the stars “A dream would be to partner with NASA and do an avant-garde photo project shot from outer space.”

    He’s a proud preppy “My personal style is preppy with a twist; I love the timeless all-American aesthetic mixed with French and Italian characteristics.”

    The magic of a monarchy “I would love to go back to see the palace of Versailles in all its glory before the French Revolution. There is something about that time period that draws me in.” 

    He basks in his beach time “We have a family home on Lake Michigan that is my favorite place to spend time, but I have recently become very fond of Capri, Italy. I could spend a week tucked under an umbrella on the rocky shores of La Fontelina beach club with a glass of rosé and spaghetti pomodoro by my side. It’s truly a magical summer destination that is timeless.”

    I Am Traditional He doesn’t own a microwave, believes that hard work pays off, and insists ice cream always makes you feel better.

  • Jacob Blickenstaff

    Hayes Carll

    Hometown The Woodlands, Texas

    How you know him Singer-songwriter

    He’s come full circle “I didn’t get into making music because I wanted to emulate anyone specifically, but I was very inspired by singer-songwriters generally. When I play a venue like Gruene Hall [New Braunfels, Texas], for instance, it’s inspiring to know I’m playing on a stage where George Strait has done the same and where Hal Ketchum built the bar. New Braunfels—and specifically Gruene Hall—is a destination for people. I went there when I was a boy, so having it come full circle and having that connection to Texas music means a lot to me.”

    Back to school “If I weren’t a musician, I’d probably be a history teacher/professor. History is equally inspiring and fascinating to me. To dig through those stories and find a thread of common humanity makes me feel like there’s some kind of sense to things in a world that sometimes seems to make no sense at all.”

    That’s what friends are for “Some of my best friends are those I’ve had since I was a teenager. I value shared experiences and keeping relationships alive and constant.” 

    I Am Traditional He still owns his first guitar; has the soundtrack to Les Misérables on his iPod; and home is his favorite place to be

  • Courtesy of Jonathan Adler

    Jonathan Adler

    Hometown: Bridgeton, New Jersey

    How you know him: Potter, designer, author

    He’s a design steward “I think when something is well-designed, it looks as if it was uncovered rather than created, as if it always existed and was just waiting for a designer to steward it into life. It scratches an itch. A chic and comfy chair, a teapot that pours beautifully, a pillow that changes your mood— they all have the power to satisfy.”

    He married well “I love David Hicks, Rei Kawakubo, and Paul Smith, but my No. 1 icon is most definitely my hubby, Simon Doonan. His personal style, brilliant books, and iconic window designs all capture his essence—eccentric glamour.”

    No rolling stone “What I love most about my home is that, in an era when people are very peripatetic, Simon and I have lived in the same home for 22 years. It’s a member of the family, and it’s a reminder that there’s a lot to be said for laying down roots and constancy.”

    A nostalgic nod “Growing up, my favorite tradition was Friday night dinners at my grandparents’ house. It was mandatory, magical, and mooring.”

    I Am Traditional “I call my mom every day. I would always rather have a home-cooked meal than eat at a trendy restaurant. I believe in the power of navy and white.”

  • Brian Vander Brug

    Hilary Duff

    Hometown Los Angeles

    How you know her Actress, singer, and mom

    Balancing act “I always want to do the best I can at what I’m passionate about, but I really try to keep my life balanced, allowing myself to relax so I can put 100 percent of my energy into everything I do—whether it’s being a mom, making music, or acting.”

    On motherhood “The love and dedication you have for your child really gives you perspective and supersedes any challenges you might face along the way.”

    Her cure-all “After a crazy week, there’s nothing better than a girls’ night at home with a glass of wine. Callie Collection Pinot Grigio is my new favorite!”

    Fashion faux pas “My biggest fashion regret is my outfit at the Kids’ Choice Awards in 2002. I wore a jeweled kimono with sparkly platform shoes and had six chopsticks in my hair.”

    Closet stitcher “I love to knit! I picked it up while filming [TV Land’s series] Younger as something to do during downtime, and now I’m obsessed.”

    I Am Traditional She has a mad crush on Mark Wahlberg, she treasures the Wonder Woman watch her son Luca gave her, home is her sanctuary, and she believes in laughter—lots of it!

  • Rebecca Pollak

    Linda Rodin

    Hometown Roslyn, New York

    How you know her Founder of Rodin Olio Lusso

    She lives in a wonderland “My home is full of objects I love—a mélange of everything. It’s kind of like falling down the rabbit hole. It reflects all the things I’ve collected over the past 55 years—some from when I was a teenager and a lot of things from the home where I grew up. My mother was an interior designer and owned an antiques shop. I love collecting and never stop.”

    She’s the epitome of innate style What, to her, defines grace and style? “I think for me it’s about being at ease with who you are, feeling comfortable and confident with yourself.”

    Collecting is in her blood “I collect anything from seashells to antique jewelry and paintings. For the past two years, I’ve collected plants. I have more than 100, and I tend my indoor garden a few hours a week.”

    Viva l’Italia “If I could go back to one period in my life, it would be my years spent living in Italy in my late teens. It was a time of learning another language and culture that has shaped my life since.”

    I Am Traditional “I like classics as much as quirky, I couldn’t possibly part with my Levi’s 501s that I got 25 years ago, and I still have my first charm bracelet.”

  • Nathan A. Cox

    Janie Bryant

    Hometown Cleveland, Tennessee

    How you know her Emmy Award-winning costume designer (Deadwood, Mad MenThe Last Tycoon), designer, and author

    Well-heeled “My personal style is feminine and flirty with a casual bend. Simple and chic for a work uniform—jeans, boots, and a flirty blouse. My evening style is feminine and more glamorous—and always fabulous heels!”

    Hollywood glam “My home is very glamorous, with a mix of Hollywood Regency, modern ’70s, and French Baroque.”

    The luxe life “I love the lighting in my home. There are chandeliers in the bedroom, a 1970s brutalist chandelier in the foyer, and a midcentury Italian glass chandelier in the kitchen hanging above the custom-made island with white fur-covered bar stools.”

    I am a collector “I collect china, crystal, and sterling. I love the formality. It creates a beautiful setting. For me it’s an everyday pleasure, not just something to save for special occasions.”

    Investment pieces “I think every woman should own a great designer bag. It’s an investment piece you can carry for a long time. I like designer handbags that are timeless—Louis Vuitton, Goyard, Prada, Dior. I still own a Louis Vuitton bag my father bought for me when I was six.”

    Scarlett made an impression “I love feminine, romantic styles—probably because I’ve seen Gone with the Wind a thousand times!”

    If I could turn back the hands of time “I would live in Château de Versailles in the French Baroque period.”

    Movie tricks of the trade “Color is an essential tool for costume design as it helps tell a story and creates a character.”

    I am traditional “I admire a proper place setting; good, old-fashioned manners; and a large vase of roses in the foyer like my grandmother used to have."

  • Jamie Beck

    Kate Valentine Spade

    Hometown Kansas City, Missouri

    How you know her Designer and founder of the fashion label Frances Valentine, mom, and party thrower

    Je ne sais quoi “My style is very personal—if I like it, I buy it. I don’t have a specific go-to look or designer per se.”

    Family tradition “When I was little, at Easter, my mother used to scatter flour around different rooms of the house and put her palm prints in it to make it look like the Easter Bunny came. I do the same now with my daughter, and she loves it.”

    Favorite finds “I’m not really a big collector in general, but ever since I moved to New York City, I have been collecting hotel flatware. My kitchen is a very eclectic mix of my finds from over the years, much of it from vintage fleas.”

    Party tricks “My fail-safe entertaining tips are great lighting, bite-size food, and, of course, a great guest list.”

    Act of bravery “After leaving Kate Spade, I wanted to spend time with my daughter, and it was the best decision I ever made. Now she’s older, so I thought it was a good time to start something new. I also missed designing, so I created my new line, Frances Valentine.”

    Downtime “One of my absolute favorite things to do to unwind is travel to Cabo, Mexico. When I’m there, I think about nothing else. It’s divine!”

    Secret talent “Doing other people’s hair, but not so much my own.”

    Decorating blunder “Silk fabric walls in the hallway seemed like a good idea at the time, but then I realized they weren’t childproof.”

    I am traditional “I tend to go classic but with unexpected touches. The most traditional piece in my home is a rock crystal chandelier that hangs in my dining room.”

  • Giovanni Gastel for swatch

    Paola Navone

    Hometown Turin, Italy

    How you know her Nomad, unconventional designer, and unapologetic authentic

    Temet nosce “There are things that I like and things that I don’t like, but there’s nothing I would like to ‘correct’ in the world of design.”

    Master of the mix “My home is exactly like I am—nomadic, eclectic, and pop. I have some iconic pieces that are mixed with many objets trouvés, but altogether it’s as if they have always known each other.”

    Living in the moment “My favorite project is always the one I’m working on, the one that needs the last touch to be completed and requires all my attention.”

    Secret sauce “In everything I do, I always mix things from different centuries and countries. I enjoy provoking unexpected and surprising connections. I take inspiration from the past, but always without nostalgia.”

    Plot twist “I was studying architecture in Turin and was asked to come to Milan, where I discovered the Alchimia experimental design group and met Alessandro Guerriero, Ettore Sottsass, and Andrea Branzi—all great creatives. They were working on innovative and audacious things, and I was fascinated. Much of my unconventional thinking comes from my involvement in Alchimia and the Memphis Group. I owe them a lot.”

    Island time “My buen retiro is in the Cyclades. The sea has a relaxing and hypnotic effect on me.”

    I am traditional “I really like to gather friends and cook for them. Sharing good food is the most beautiful form of friendship.”

  • Brad Lansill

    Donald Robertson

    Hometown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    How you know him Artist, Instagrammer, father of five, creative director at Estee Lauder

    Life is art I grew up in the suburbs in Canada and knew I was just biding my time waiting to live this life I had planned out in my head. My parents bought me art supplies for my birthday, and that was it for the year. I would draw with a pen on the back of expired insurance policy paperwork from my dad’s office. I dropped out of art college because my instructors accused me of being too commercial. I was not buying this starving artist BS. I wanted to paint barefoot in a sun-filled studio with a pool outside—and I do.

    Signature style Current events inspire me. Give me a good royal wedding or Super Bowl halftime, and I’m ready to rage in paint.

    Career-defining moment Google “Drawbertson Beyoncé.”

    Sense and sensibility My wife, Kim Gieske, is an interior designer and likes to pretend we don’t have five kids and two dogs. She buys pastel rugs and puts fragile fabric on walls. I have a “barfproof” rule that she completely ignores. Please ignore the stains if you drop in.

    Lounge act In the middle of the midcentury modern craze, we bought a scroll-arm sofa from Ralph Lauren that is so big all seven of us can lounge on it. It looks like something Barbara Bush would have gone for. RIP, BB.

    Gone West We love California. It’s hard and expensive for seven people to vacation together, so we all moved here. God bless Montecito.

    Celebrate good times We are hardcore Hallmark and religious holiday celebrators. Our twin boys were born on Christmas Eve, so we can avoid throwing kid birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese’s. Now it’s Ho! Ho! Ho! We can’t go! It’s closed!

    I am traditional I love Nicki Minaj in Oscar de la Renta. That sums me up.