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I Am Traditional: Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn: actress on Starz’s The Rook and creative strategist for the dog-walking app Wag!

By Clara Haneberg

Photo by Ryan West


Hometown(s) Oklahoma City and Tokyo

Chef’s special I’m actually really good at making my mom’s famous homemade bread. She’s made it since we were kids. We would sell day-old rolls at school for $5.

Kids will be kids A favorite childhood memory is building forts outside with my siblings—whether it was summer, and my brother would rig an air-conditioning system into our structure, or winter, when we learned how to properly pack the snow so our igloo was so hot we could take off our jackets inside.

Worth holding on to I have a lot of my grandmother’s glassware and salt cellars. But the one piece I treasure most is her pie safe.

Canceled plans, now what? Go to the beach with my pups and friends! But most likely, I end up lying on the couch, binge-watching some show, and eating everything.

Family means Loyalty and being able to mess up and still be liked and loved.

Happy Mother’s Day! My mom is the reason I have a strong sense of self.

I am traditional I believe you should always bet on yourself, am dying to learn a third language, lean on my girlfriends after a bad day, always crave my mom’s egg rolls and fried rice, and my favorite place is on
a beach where the ocean water is warm.