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I Am Traditional: Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr: Model, mother, founder & CEO of Kora Organics, and partner in a new furniture line

Produced by Clara Haneberg / Photograph by Nino Munez for Universal Furniture

Hometown “I grew up in Australia and now live in Los Angeles.” 

Small-town girl “I come from Gunnedah, a very small farming town in New South Wales, Australia, with a population of about 9,000. A favorite memory is building rafts with my brother and cousins to compete in the annual raft race. We had so much fun!”

Family recipe “My grandmother and mother taught me how to cook from a young age and got me interested in organic, locally sourced ingredients. They make the most delicious meals filled with love.”

Ideal escape “Our living room. It’s full of beautiful pieces from my new Love. Joy.Bliss. collection with Universal Furniture. It’s where we read, talk, and generally spend time as a family.”

Thanksgiving every day “I like to have dinner ready, and as a family, we sit together each night, giving thanks for all that we are blessed with—from the food on the table to our health.”

When there’s no particular place to go “I love warm baths, open fireplaces … getting cozy in a robe and curling up with a cup of tea, some warm socks, and a good book.”

In tune “My son Flynn plays the piano and is very talented. It warms my heart and brings back fond memories of singing around the piano with my cousins.”

I Am Traditional She loves singing karaoke, prioritizes self-care and an organized house, collects French linen and crystal, always craves her husband’s burgers, wishes she could speak French fluently, and believes the kitchen is the heart of her home.