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I Am Traditional: Elisabeth Moss

Actress known for her roles in Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale, and her new movie, The Kitchen

Produced by Clara Haneberg

Hometown I grew up in L.A. and now live in New York.

On the home front My home is a mix of antique and modern pieces, including a beautiful glass-and-brass coffee table I got at ABC Carpet & Home. I love Art Deco. And my only collection to speak of is a few paintings from an artist I love out of Brooklyn named Dan-ah Kim.

Kondo lite I love Marie Kondo, and although my version of it is somewhat bastardized and she would probably have a heart attack, it has helped me to be a little more organized! But sometimes there’s still just a pile of clothes on the floor.
Sorry, Marie.

Inside her closet It’s actually pretty good right now, shockingly. I have it divided into dresses, skirts, and tops.

Chef’s special Spaghetti, which is basically just boiling water.

Go-to party trick Staying home.

Best advice ever The power of the word “no” and how you shouldn’t be afraid to use it.

I am traditional She has a huge soft spot for cats and spaghetti pomodoro, opts for a leather jacket and Chelsea boots when the weather’s cool, is dying to learn to play the piano, and treasures a beautiful Roman Holiday poster from her mom and brother more than any other gift she’s received.