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I Am Trad: Sean Hayes

Jack McFarland on NBC’s Will & Grace, comedian, singer, writer, and Broadway star

By Cathy Whitlock

Hometown Glen Ellyn, Illinois

He’s all about clean living My home is quiet, spotless, beautiful, Zen.

Quiet on the set I love the chair in Will’s TV room. It’s a great cozy cubbyhole, somewhere to be alone for a few minutes.

He wears it well Jeans, T-shirt, and baseball cap every day.

Time traveler If I could, I would go back to 1920s America. It was such an ambitious time—a time for discovery, hopefulness, growth, and possibilities.

Wouldn’t be home without it We have an antique kaleidoscope encased in glass—and some unique art pieces.

Where his heart is I’m an advisory member of SonicCloud, a life-changing technology for people of all ages with hearing loss. It gives people with moderate to severe hearing loss the ability to make crystal-clear phone calls, as well as stream content—movies, TV, and music—without the use of hearing aids or captions! It really is revolutionary and will change millions of lives.

Where are those Emmys? Anywhere people can see them—by happenstance.

Act I I still have my first receipt from joining the Screen Actors Guild in 1992.

Make yourself comfy Everywhere you look, my home is so comfortable and inviting that you can take a nap. We’re neat freaks, so you can literally plop down on the floor at any given moment and eat or sleep, and we often do.

Leave it to the professionals I’m color-blind, so unless you want to experience what it’s like to live inside a 1960s episode of The Twilight Zone, I think it best to hire a decorator.

I am traditional My husband and I eat dinner at 6 o’clock every single night—at the dining room table. What’s more traditional than that?

Photograph by Andrew Eccles/NBC