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Bedtime Confessions: Rachel Cannon

Produced by Clara Haneberg

My nighttime ritual includes: A regimented skin care routine! My Southern Lady card would be revoked if I did not cleanse, tone, and moisturize every night before bedtime. 

My favorite childhood bedtime story was… I loved any and all Ramona books. I still remember the story about how she squeezed an entire tube of toothpaste into her sink!! 

When I can’t sleep I… Turn on the "rain" app on my phone and let it lull me to sleep. When the insomnia is really bad, I get out a notebook and jot down ideas for my business. Usually getting the pressing items out of my head and onto a piece of paper helps me feel ready to rest.

My childhood bedroom looked like: The typical 80's little girl room. Twin beds, with quilted comforters in a cream and lavender floral pattern. Matching set of cream furniture. Barbies everywhere. 

My go-to bedtime snack is: Golden Oreos without the filling. Now is probably a good time to mention that my oral hygiene is also a militant part of my bedtime routine. No eating after I floss and brush! 

I am a: stomach, side, or back- sleeper. Combo side/stomach. Sleeping on my back gives me nightmares!

T.V. in bed? If so, what’s on? Yes! What's better than being cozy in bed watching tv?! Usually a mix of high brow drama (I love period dramas) and my (really) guilty pleasure: Real Housewives. 

Which Jimmy: Kimmel or Fallon? Andy Cohen!

Pets in bed? Yes, and by admitting that, I just sent my mother to an early grave. 

My bedtime wardrobe consists of: Matching PJ's! I'm one of those crazy people who worries about things like a natural disaster happening and then I don't look presentable! 

What’s your stance on earplugs and eye-masks? I personally can't sleep with either of them. I can't even stand my own hair touching my neck while I'm trying to sleep...accessories make it impossible!

Fill in the blank: I sleep _________ on planes. Fitfully and only halfway (like I'm in that strange awake/dream state the entire time where what the people around me are saying fits into my dream).

I prefer to sleep… In a dark, cool, silent room, under heavy blankets.

My duvet and bed linens are… A beautiful mix of Legacy Linens, a washable coverlet from Target, and a gorgeous antique velvet pillow I found. I am both my mother's and father's daughter in that things are both lovely and practical. 

What’s on your nightstand? A lacquered box with necessities like lip balm and eyedrops, and books. It's always a stack of devotional, self-help, and historical fiction. (For example, right now it's The Message Solo, You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero, and The Taming of the Queen by Phillippa Gregory—I have a fascination with the Tudor Court.) 

My bedtime is at approximately: 10:00 p.m.

I aim for ___ hours of sleep each night: 8,  but I would love to get 10! 

Are you an early riser, or do you prefer to sleep in? I am a begrudgingly early riser. I'm usually awake at 6:00 a.m., but I start the morning with my books! I like to gently ease into the day!