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Bedtime Confessions: Paloma Contreras

Produced by Clara Haneberg

Photo: Brittany Ambridge

My nighttime ritual includes: Every night, I look forward to my skincare routine. It feels like a mini pampering session between cleansers, masks, serums, and moisturizers. I'm currently obsessed with Tata Harper's all-natural products. I've seen incredible results and they smell divine which helps me to feel relaxed before bed.

My favorite childhood bedtime story was… like most little girls, I loved classic fairy tales. What stands out more than a favorite bedtime story to me is the fact that I've always been a voracious reader and I used to stay up reading novels by lamplight way past my bedtime. Don't tell my mom!

When I can’t sleep I… try to stay off my phone which will only trigger thoughts about what to add to my to-do list. I find it helpful to queue up a favorite show that I can basically recite by heart such as Sex and the City or Friends. I find it comforting and since I've seen the episodes a million time, I don't feel the need to pay attention so it usually lulls me back to sleep.

My childhood bedroom looked like: I had white wicker furniture, twin beds, Laura Ashley bedding with pink cabbage roses and ruffles, and a pink lamp and antique English hexagonal bedside table. It was as girly as you can imagine!

My current bedroom looks like:

Photo: Lesley Unruh 

My go-to bedtime snack is: I am not a big snacker and don't like feeling too full before bed, so I don't really have a bedtime snack. I do however, enjoy a nice glass of wine. 

I am a: stomach, side, or back- sleeper. Side

T.V. in bed? If so, what’s on? Yes, both my husband and I like to fall asleep with the TV on. The difference is, he falls asleep immediately, so I usually turn it off when I feel myself getting really sleepy and he could sleep with it on all night. We usually watch the news, he'll fall asleep, then I'll watch a show from our DVR or Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Bravo.

Which Jimmy: Kimmel or Fallon? I like both, but prefer Fallon. He has such a sweet, joie de vivre about him!

Pets in bed? I wish! Our sweet dog Tate had spinal surgery in 2015, so he's not allowed on the furniture anymore because it isn't good for him. He sleeps right next to the bed on my side and sometimes sleeps under the bench at the foot of our bed.

My bedtime wardrobe consists of: classic black pajamas with white contrast trim—I have a million sets!

What’s your stance on earplugs and eye-masks? I've never used either.

Fill in the blank: I sleep _________ on planes. I rarely sleep on planes. I have a hard time taking naps—there is too much to do and think about! I usually only sleep on planes on long, international flights or if I'm just completely exhausted.

I prefer to sleep… in my own bed over any luxury hotel in the world. There's no place like home!

My duvet and bed linens are…Monogrammed, ironed, and pulled taut. I can't stand a rumpled bed!

What’s on your nightstand? My iphone, an alarm clock that I don't use because I like to see what time it is when I wake up throughout the night, and whatever book I am reading at the time. 

My bedtime is at approximately: I usually go to bed by 10:00 p.m. and fall asleep within the hour.

I aim for ___ hours of sleep each night: 8

Are you an early riser, or do you prefer to sleep in? I am an early riser and am definitely a morning person!