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Bedtime Confessions: Kathryn Ireland

Produced by Clara Haneberg

My nighttime ritual includes: A long bath, cup of sleepy time, and an episode of Outlander... any episode as long as there's a man in a kilt! 

My favorite childhood bedtime story was… "Black Beauty" by Anna Sewall

When I can’t sleep I… go to headspace and do some meditating—and if that doesn't work an old fashioned sleeping pill!

My childhood bedroom looked like: A room from House & Gardens. I was inspired by a photograph I saw. Apple green walls and white netting over the bed.

I am a: stomach, side, or back- sleeper. This is getting too personal! Side...

T.V. in bed? If so, what’s on? My laptop... to watch Netflix.

Which Jimmy: Kimmel or Fallon? Neither

Pets in bed? Of course—Charles the Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix

My bedtime wardrobe consists of: Either one of my '40s negligees or an oversized linen shirt

What’s your stance on earplugs and eye-masks? Neither

Fill in the blank: I sleep ________ on planes. Very Well

I prefer to sleep… A good 8 hours

My duvet and bed linens are… Irish from ??? Sorry can't think of it.

What’s on your nightstand? Books—all the ones I think I will read. Photo of my parents at my christening, my Uncle Innes's prayer books—he was a wile Scottish Formula One race car driver, not sure how I've ended up with it.

My bedtime is at approximately:  Any time from 8:30 to 10 p.m. unless I'm partying somewhere or in Europe. 

I aim for ___ hours of sleep each night: 8

Are you an early riser, or do you prefer to sleep in?  it depends where I am