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Bedtime Confessions: Joe Lucas

Produced by Clara Haneberg

Photo: Karyn R. Millet

My nighttime ritual includes: I’m lucky if I remember to brush my teeth! Kidding…sort of. I am a no frills kind of gal. I might watch a little TV once I crawl into bed but pretty much it’s lights out.

My favorite childhood bedtime story was… I grew up the youngest of six kids so bedtime was as late as I could make it in order to stay up with everyone so there was no time for bedtime stories.    

When I can’t sleep I… go down an Instagram or Pinterest black hole.

My childhood bedroom looked like: I made a patchwork wall-to-wall carpet using all the remnants from the other rooms in the house. It was the '70s so there was rust, kelly green, light blue. It was quite a rug. Ha!

I am a: stomach, side, or back- sleeper. Side sleeper after a bad back from years of stomach sleeping.

T.V. in bed? If so, what’s on? Rachel Maddow or catching up on my guilty pleasures of The Bachelor or Real Housewives of Bevery Hills…or Law & Order SVU is always an option.

Which Jimmy: Kimmel or Fallon? Jimmy.

Pets in bed? Our younger dog Harry is always on the bed. Our old man Fred is on the sofa in the living room.

My bedtime wardrobe consists of: This is a family magazine so I can’t tell you that.

What’s your stance on earplugs and eye-masks? I wouldn’t sleep a wink if I had to wear them.

Fill in the blank: I sleep _________ on planes. Horribly.

I prefer to sleep… as long as humanly possible but at my age I’m lucky if I get 6 hours.

My duvet and bed linens are… Frette until the dogs ruin them and then I might just use a sleeping bag.

What’s on your nightstand? An old photo of my better half David sleeping with his snoopy stuffed animal when he was 7. A monogrammed JBL tray that David bought me for Christmas. My iPad and iPhone.  And an old time front desk bell that David gave me as a joke for me to “call him for morning coffee” on weekend mornings.

My bedtime is at approximately: 11 p.m.-Midnight

I aim for ___ hours of sleep each night: 6 hours

Are you an early riser, or do you prefer to sleep in? Prefer to sleep in but can get up early quickly when needed.