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Bedtime Confessions: Barclay Butera

Produced by Clara Haneberg

My nighttime ritual includes: I’m a pretty basic wash my face brush my teeth kind of guy…but I also moisturize like crazy before bed! The California sun is wonderful but it can take its toll…

My favorite childhood bedtime story was… No question; "Oh, the Places You’ll Go" by Dr. Seuss. My wanderlust started at a very early age.

When I can’t sleep I… Get out of bed and wander into the living room to watch TV. There’s something about the light and sound that makes me sleepy, I am happy if I can make it back to bed to cork off!

My childhood bedroom looked like: Oddly enough, neutrals. I had a lot of beige and sand and white, it was all very tailored and crisp. My mother was a designer so it was “done” naturally. But is wasn’t the color-wheel people expect.

My go-to bedtime snack is: I love Nestlé’s Drumsticks. Addictive!

I am a: stomach, side, or back- sleeper. Side for sure.

T.V. in bed? If so, what’s on? Nope, so happy to escape electronics of any kind at the end of the day.

Which Jimmy: Kimmel or Fallon? If I’m up—Fallon.

Pets in bed? For sure, I can’t sleep at home without my mini-dachshund Ashton. We have quite the routine….

My bedtime wardrobe consists of: Good pajamas. Sometimes just the pants, when I’m chilly I like the top or a sweater as well. I like Sleepy Jones and the Barney’s brand.

What’s your stance on earplugs and eye-masks? Can’t stand them!

Fill in the blank: I sleep _________ on planes. Like a brick

I prefer to sleep… in my own bed in Newport Beach. It is getting harder and harder to do that with all the work travel!

My duvet and bed linens are… My own from Eastern Accents of course! I just swapped out for the new Watermill Collection in Indigo, a sharp white and navy that I love.

What’s on your nightstand? The only real thing of note is a vintage Hermès jewelry tray that I use for all sorts of things, watch, ring, wallet. I found it in Paris, a nice way to end the day.

My bedtime is at approximately: That is a crazy question! It depends on where I’m at in the world, I shoot for 11:00….

I aim for ___ hours of sleep each night: At least 7

Are you an early riser, or do you prefer to sleep in? Sleeping in is my favorite indulgence, life just doesn’t permit! But my staff know to NOT book any appointments, interviews, or meeting before 10:00 a.m. …I am just not firing on all cylinders. Catch me in the afternoon when I am in top form!