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Small but Luxurious Kitchens & Baths

Make the most of a petite kitchen or bath with these clever solutions

Written by Mallory Abreu
  • Kimberly Gavin

    Whether you’re pressed for space or just looking for practical solutions for your kitchen and bathroom, look no further than these small luxuries.

    A separate cooktop and oven (tucked into the island) stand in for a bulky range in this bright and cheery L-shape kitchen. For an unobtrusive look, choose a glass cooktop that virtually disappears into the countertop when not in use.

  • Brie Williams

    Chic and Small

    A hardworking U-shape layout puts the peninsula to work as a combination prep/cleanup zone and casual dining area. Refrigerator drawers on the dining side allow guests to help themselves without getting in the cook’s way. 

  • Anthony Masterson

    Open Space

    A one-wall layout streamlines a design and attractively organizes limited space. Run tile from countertop to ceiling for visual continuity and to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

  • Werner Segarra

    Pretty & Petite

    Countertop-to-ceiling windowpanes in a bold black finish emphasize natural light. Simple cabinetry and flooring in dusty browns and greys lend an earthiness to this small space.

  • Laura Moss

    Integrated Appliances

    Mirrored cabinetry panels conceal everyday appliances to make a small space feel bigger. 

  • Anthony Masterson

    Now You See It...

    Store less attractive necessities, like the microwave and toaster, in a hidden workstation to keep countertops uncluttered.

  • Tria Giovan

    Open Call

    Open shelving prevents a kitchen from feeling top-heavy. Keep everyday items close at hand on lower shelves. Reserve upper shelves for large bowls, serving pieces, and collectibles that don’t need to be accessed frequently. 

  • John Granen

    Sneaky Storage

    Tall, narrow cabinets outside the main work zone function as an efficient pantry. A few feet of extra counter space become a productive niche that includes a desk and drawers for office supplies

  • Jay Wilde

    Go Vertical

    Make a stylish 24- or 30-inch pro-style range the focal point of a galley kitchen. Emphasize verticality by pairing the range with a slim hood in a similar finish.

  • Laura Moss

    Better Banquette

    Get more out of a built-in banquette with easy-access drawers for place mats, table linens, and more.

  • John Bessler

    Space Saving Door

    A sliding barn door requires little clearance, making it ideal for a small bath or narrow hallway. A wall-mount sink frees up floor space and adds classic country character. 

  • Laurie Black

    Create Counter Space

    Choose a trough sink with wall-mount faucets to maximize counter space and ease cleanup. 

  • Kimberly Gavin

    Use Every Inch

    Borrow space from an attic to create a walk-in shower that is both practical and charming. 

  • John Granen

    Float Freely

    A wall-to-wall floating vanity feels fresh and contemporary. A large frameless mirror supports the modern mood and bounces light around the room.

  • Jeff Herr

    Pleasing Pedestal

    Playful wallpaper and splashes of yellow decorate a whimsical small bath with just-right color. The vintage-look pedestal sink takes up less space than a traditional vanity.

  • Jean Allsopp
  • The Sidecar, price available upon request from Moore & Giles [1-800-737-0169]

    This beautifully crafted bar cart, The Sidecar by Moore and Giles, is a great way to store liquor, glassware, bar tools, and anything else needed to complete your own miniature bar. The cart, made of Virginia black walnut, birch, leather, aluminum, and brass, is wheeled to make sure the party can travel with you. Perfect for drink-lovers without the space for a full bar.