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Planning the Perfect Kitchen

Before you dive into a renovation, think about how you want your cooking space to function

By Tobi Fairley

I have been cooking since I was 10, and now that I’m a designer, business consultant, wife, and mom, cooking and baking are often an escape from the busy-ness of life. My husband and daughter both cook too, so our kitchen renovation had to accommodate all three of our cooking styles and be spacious enough for us to all cook at the same time. Plus, we love to entertain friends and family and nurture them with homemade food. You can see why renovating this room was high on the priority list for our new house.

A kitchen renovation like ours is a big undertaking. Realistically, it can take months to complete a kitchen remodel. In fact, it can take at least eight weeks just for custom cabinets to be built and installed. We took our kitchen down to the studs and even moved some walls to make it our dream layout. But construction is only half the challenge. Planning is what’s most important to make this hardworking room function the way you need it to. 

So this month I’m giving you my top 10 tips for planning the perfect kitchen, and online I’m also offering information on budgeting a kitchen remodel, my favorite details, my kitchen inspiration, and more. 

Next month, we’re heading outdoors to start the summer off right on my patio by the pool.