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The Nuclear Kitchen

Nucleus of the House

From the Editors of Traditional Home

In contrast to the built-in pieces, Liederbach designed a work table to take the place of the usual center island. The Lehmans knew they needed to have some kind of work surface, says the architect, but they didn’t want it to feel like an island. So the architect designed a long table of reclaimed hickory. With its turned legs and storage drawers, it fulfills most of the functions of a standard island but without the visual weight. It also adds the rich, warm brown of the wood to the room.

And speaking of warmth, John and Peggy were so pleased with the results, they invited Liederbach’s firm to host a party for 100 friends and colleagues in their home. Says the architect: "It was a wonderful way to kick off the Lehmans’ tenure in the house. It entertained and flowed beautifully, just as the Lehmans wanted." And, of course, it was a great test run for the house, which operated perfectly and without a meltdown.