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Innovations: Fridge Wisdom

Yes, they still keep food cool. But in the age of Alexa, we can ask a whole lot more of our refrigerators.

Written by Sally Finder Weepie

Q. What the heck are we going to have for dinner?

A. It’s not a tough question anymore. Just tap into your Samsung Family Hub refrigerator’s recipe database to try a new dish or see what you can make from what you have on hand—​yep, even if all you’ve got is a tilapia filet, a bag of pretzels, and a jar of mayo.

Q. Coffee. Where’s my coffee?

A. Look no further than your GE Profile fridge—a built-in Keurig gives you hot single-serve brewing at the door.

Q. Is this my day to drive to dance class?

A. Use the touchscreen on the Samsung Family Hub as a digital bulletin board to connect your family. With a smartphone app, you can share calendars, notes, photos—so you’re in the loop and ahead of the game.

Q. Are the peaches still fresh?

A. Stop throwing away all that good food gone bad. Fresh has (almost) no limits, thanks to new technology in the Thermador Freedom collection. Removable bins protect and preserve your delicate produce.

Q. Did the kids drink that entire gallon of milk already?

A. Skip the guessing games at the store. Built-in cameras in Samsung’s Family Hub let you sneak a peek inside from anywhere.

Q. Where’s my shopping list?

A. Psst, it’s now as close as your phone. Samsung’s Family Hub helps you pull together the list; you can call it up easily on screen when you get to the store.

Q. How am I possibly going to have time to go to the store tonight? 

A. Skip the trip! Order groceries—or maybe a pizza—right from your refrigerator door. Integrated apps work with Samsung’s Family Hub to send off your shopping list and have everything delivered, while you spend your time on other things.

Q.Where are the pickles?

A. Ingenious flexible shelving and storage options in the DCS ActiveSmart fridge adjust to your needs, making it easy to stay organized. Eternal questions like “what happened to the ketchup?” can finally
be answered. (Bonus: ActiveSmart electronics create ideal microclimates to keep food fresh.)

Q. How long can that kid stand there with the fridge door open?

A. Hungry? Not sure what you want? Do some window shopping! Two knocks on the LG Instaview illuminate the inside without opening the door. And door-in-door models let you grab your go-to snack or drink in a flash. No more air-conditioning your whole house (and driving up the utility bill) while you make up your mind.

Q. Why didn’t I turn on my tunes before I started cutting up the chicken?

A. No worries. With a smart fridge like Samsung’s Family Hub, you can play music, listen to live radio apps, or watch a TV show that’s on in the other room. And if your hands are full, just tell the fridge. It can read a recipe to you step by step—or even take dictation.