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Hot List: Stunning Surfaces

Whether used as a focal point, a wall surface, an island top, or a counter, these surfaces add beauty to a room

Written by Sally Finder Weepie

Artistic Tile takes the ombré concept to a new level with "Fan Club" in blue ombré with a solid-brass metal inlay. "Fan Club" takes a pattern from antiquity and forges it from dazzling Jazz Glass, adding an artistic glass mosaic air to a familiar motif. In addition to Blue Ombre, "Fan Club" also is available in Ice White.

Another jaw-dropping debut from Artistic Tile is "Fiamatto." Its inspiration comes from the isle of Murano, just outside of Venice. Muranese artisans have crafted astonishing glasswork for centuries. Intricate beads formed inside a rod of blown glass are a part of their craft. Artistic Tile took these oral beads and incorporated them into the new glass tile pattern called Fiammato, which blends hand- and machine-cut glass into a lovely decorative pattern, with beautiful flowing lines and sophisticated, delicate detail. 

Silestone, a leader in quartz surfaces, is expanding its Eternal Collection with the introduction of five new colors. The new hues offer a modern, reinvented take on some of the most sought-after marbles and stones. The Eternal Collection is the first in Silestone’s offering to have veining and highlights run completely through the material, including its edges, resulting in an even more natural appearance. The five new colors, which bring the collection to a total of ten colorways, include Eternal Bianco Calacatta, Eternal Classic Calacatta, Eternal Desert Silver, Eternal Marfil, and Eternal Emperador. While marble looks continue to dominate, Eternal Emperador (shown) illustrates the emerging shift away from grays to warmer tones. Its warm, tobacco-brown background set against light and streaks embraces earthy tones reflective of a growing demand for moody, darker marbles. 

DuPont Corian quartz, formerly known as Zodiaq, has unveiled new colors and an intriguing soft leather texture, which appears the new introductions of Gray Tundra (shown), Grigio Alpi, Quarry Stone, and Nero Soapstone. Merging the beauty of natural stone inspirations with the refinement of tanned leather creates an aesthetic with a subtle surface and distinctive textured niche.

Customization is one of the biggest trends right now. Elkay hits the mark with its Custom Stainless Solutions. The Elkay Custom team partners with homeowners to create unique sinks, sinktops, or island tops, such as the entertaining-minded creation shown above, that meet their specific needs.