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Hot List: Cool New Refrigerators

Columns, built-in, and freestanding units offer a fit for every kitchen

Written by Sally Finder Weepie

One of the big trends in kitchens is customization. “Cookie-cutter doesn’t cut it in the kitchen anymore. When it comes to the heart of the home, it’s all about personalization and giving owners something that truly reflects their lifestyle,” says Sheri Gold, national showroom and design manager, Monogram. In response, the company has has introduced Monogram Columns, which blend seamlessly with cabinetry. Monogram Columns enable designers to separate appliances, double up on refrigeration or freezer space, and even tuck away appliances that are used less often. For retrofits, two Monogram Columns are also designed to seamlessly fit 42-inch or 48-inch openings without the need for cabinet or electrical modifications.

Liebherr has gone big with the introduction of Monolith, a new refrigerator that is a literal tower of achievement in cooling technology. Monolith, an impressive 84-inches from top to bottom, features superior energy efficiency, new food-saving advancements, and a sleek design to integrate seamlessly into the kitchen. Generous upper door bin storage (hinges are rated for up to 79 pounds) can hold everything from salad dressing bottles to gallon beverage jugs to free up the adjustable interior refrigerator shelves. In addition, the durable freezer door bins feature a unique design that allows cold air to flow more freely, which keeps temperature constant and optimizes food preservation. The customization options are endless with the ability to select from gleaming stainless-steel exterior or panel-ready to match the kitchen decor.

The French door refrigerator gets increased functionality courtesy of Dacor, which has introduced an all-new Four-Door FreshZone Plus French Door Refrigerator. As one of the most versatile built-in refrigerators on the market, Dacor’s four-door French door refrigerator features an array of cutting-edge features highlighted by the FreshZone Plus compartment, which provides the flexibility to make additional freezer or refrigerator space based on homeowners' needs. The unit was designed to fit classic 41½-inch wide, 24-inch deep cutouts, but can also be installed fully flush in a 42-inch full-width, 25-inch deep opening. The panel-ready unit accommodates custom wood paneling, or silver, or graphite stainless-steel panel kits to complement Dacor products in the Modernist or Heritage collections. 

Dacor also has unveiled The Atelier Edition—30-inch porcelain refrigerator and freezer columns. The immaculate porcelain cavity of the columns—which elevates purity and durability benchmarks—is fully illuminated by 3DLighting Plus and complemented by a variety of cutting-edge technologies. Due to a higher heat capacity than common cooling materials, porcelain minimizes temperature fluctuation. Interior porcelain walls, door liners, and drawer fronts ensure temperature consistency, allowing food to retain original texture and flavor longer. An integrated FreshZone Drawer features adjustable temperature settings and has the capacity to accommodate fish, meat, chilled drinks, and more. 

The latest addition to the BlueStar appliance lineup is a spacious French door refrigerator. With a durable stainless-steel interior, dual compressors for enhanced food preservation, and a roomy interior, the BlueStar fridge is made for serious cooking and entertaining. The refrigerator’s fully extending bottom shelf is designed to fit a full-size commercial sheet pan—as is the freezer shelf—so extra-large pans prepped with pastries or hors d'oeuvres can go straight from the refrigerator or freezer into an oversize BlueStar oven, another brand hallmark. The interior is fully customizable: Shelves and bins can be easily changed to fit any storage or entertaining need. 

Joining the lineup at Miele is an all-new 30-inch Freestanding Bottom-Mount Refrigerator, the first freestanding refrigerator Miele will offer in the U.S. market. The unit will feature a new Soft Close Door and EasyOpen Lever. The freezer will come with a plumbed icemaker and DynaCool technology for optimal circulation and a uniform distribution of cool air.