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Decorating MADE EASY
Decorating can put anyone in a dither with all the things to consider and decisions to be made. But it needn't be that way. You can do it like a pro with Havertys. Committed to making furniture shopping enjoyable, we offer great style, knowledgeable associates and convenient financing. From dining tables to sleeper sofas, our extensive selection lets you put your personal touch in every room of the house.

Look at decorating magazines, a work of art, or the clothes you like best. What's appealing to you? Perhaps it's a fabric's texture, mix of colors, interesting patterns or shapes. Each of these elements expresses something unique about you and the kind of environment you want. Gather your findings together and bring them along when you visit the store. Seeing your choices, and discussing why they're your favorites, will help your sales associate pull together a collection that expresses your personality and fits your lifestyle.

Good designers encourage clients to consider new ideas. Before saying "no," give it a minute. A wood-framed Mission-type chair amid upholstered pieces; a round dining table when you've always had rectangular; or a sleek chaise for the traditional den could provide just the edge that's needed.

The exterior of your house needn't dictate interiors either. In a contemporary home, streamlined furnishings will go beautifully. But the reverse is equally true. Queen Anne or Regency pieces for example, with gleaming wood veneers and exquisite, handcrafted details will stand out, looking as much like sculpture as furniture.

When it comes to color, shine and texture, a lacquered red wall is one way to go. Or get some "punch" in smaller doses - a graphically designed carpet, stainless steel-legged side table or a ceramic lamp.

Mixing furniture is infinitely more interesting than matching, and not difficult to do at Havertys. The trick is to find a common denominator that ties it together - color, era or shape - and creates a harmonious whole. Another effective way is to offset one look with its opposite: carved, curving chairs juxtaposed with a tailored sofa; a glass-andwood table next to a classically tufted ottoman.

If you'd rather keep to one style per room, try more formal looks, traditional or transitional, in living and dining rooms; and save country cottage, eclectic or modern for bedrooms.



Consider kids and pets when planning your décor. If children are young, and the dog sleeps on the sofa, durable rather than delicate furniture will make your life stress-free. Think of comfort and flow when positioning furniture, as well as practicality: a place to rest a drink, good reading light, seating that is close together yet easy to get around. All these considerations turn a house into a home, warm and inviting to friends and family.


today and get inspired.