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What's Hot in Outdoor Technology

Five new outdoor-friendly technologies help make the most of time spent outside

Written by Clara Haneberg


Charge your phone while you recharge on the “Belvedere” daybed with embedded solar panel. Simply plug into the USB socket on its built-in marble side table. (


Let there be ambient light! New technology lets users activate—and dim—LED lights  with just a touch on select umbrellas, including the “Single Cantilever” with tilt option. (


Ideal for campers and tailgaters, the “enCUBE” battery-powered inverter generator provides 1,400 watts of continuous power while producing zero emissions. The portable, outdoor-friendly unit can be charged via wall outlet or solar panel. (


Take your screen time outside with the “Portable Ultra Short Throw” projector.

Transform any wall into an alfresco movie theater. (


Motion moves outdoors with the “Tidepointe” cordless power recliner. Sit back and relax in comfort on your porch or patio. A rechargeable outdoor lithium-ion power unit is included. (