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Light Up Your Landscape

Landscape lighting can transform your property, enhancing its character—and your enjoyment of being outdoors.

By Susan Capparelle and Anne DiFrancesco
  • When it comes to outdoor lighting, most homeowners think of safe footedness and security. But landscape lighting also really shines in its ability to transform your property, enhancing and extending your enjoyment of it. 

  • Highlighted Architectural Details

    Nighttime landscape lighting can add dramatic impact to your home's architectural details, pulling them forward and giving your home a presence and character you don't perceive during the day. Colored lighting can heighten this impact, in shades of magenta, black, orange, even green.

  • Wall Lights

    Wall lights can operate from strategic niche locations, such as the tops of pergola columns. Places you never noticed before come alive thanks to their gentle illumination of outdoor settings. When the sun goes down, cozy lit scenes reveal themselves, adding a note of intimacy to entertaining. 

  • Sturdy Fixture

    This lighting fixture is sturdy, with a heavy gauge copper shroud, solid bronze base, and removable reflector. Widely used to make landscape lighting fixtures, bronze is the most corrosion-resistant material. 

  • Tree Lights

    Tree lights placed high on trunks and pointed down illuminate plantings and focal points on your property. Sitting areas once hidden when the sun goes down will beckon with warm pools of light. 

  • Children's Play Area

    A children's play area becomes a magical oasis when lit at night. 

  • Lights in an Outdoor Kitchen

    During the day, wall lights located in the masonry around an outdoor kitchen blend in seamlessly with their surroundings.

  • Kitchen Lights at Night

    When turned on at night, wall lights built into this outdoor kitchen's masonry highlight the crags and crannies of elaborate native stonework under the kitchen counters. These lights are functional too, providing light for late night diners at the counter near the grill. 

  • Ground Lights

    Placed beneath plantings and shrubbery, ground lights provide radiant uplighting that helps illuminate flower colors and shapes from the ground up. Plantings become bold, beautiful, and graphic against the dark cloak of night. 

  • Well Lights

    Well lights are economical, making them one of the most popular types of landscape lighting. They can be situated at the base of trees to create upward illumination on trunks and under branches. 

  • Chinese Hat Lights

    These charming lights supply a soft, glare-free illumination along nighttime paths and garden borders. 

  • Path Lights

    Placed unobtrusively—almost hidden—by shrubbery during the day, these rugged, solid bronze path and area lights promote safe walking at night.

  • Intriguing Shadows

    Chinese hat lights create radiance and intriguing shadows after night falls. 

  • Powerful, Compact Lights

    Tree lights are compact powerhouses that deliver quality illumination. When aimed in a variety of directions, they work well as spotlights. 

    The outside cover features a heavy-gauge copper shroud with a solid bronze base and knuckle. Stainless steel mounting hardware sets the bracket away from the tree to prevent damage from mold and fungus.

  • Pool Computer

    A pool touch pad computer situated right in front of the pool/spa area called The Easy Touch Control System (which can be put on a timer or dimmer) allows full control of all pool/spa features. All functions are controlled with easy, one-button access from the self-contained load center or optional controllers. There is no need to memorize operating sequences, open and close valves, or reset time clocks and thermostats. 

  • Pergola Lights

    Tree lights can be tucked away in places like the inside of the slats on a pergola's roof beams, bringing warmth and color to seating areas below. 

  • Wall Lights

    Wall lights can be built right into masonry, and come in both incandescent and LED versions. The solid bronze construction is highly corrosion-resistant and weathers to a pleasing patina. 

  • Invisible Wall Lights 

    Flush mounted under capstones, between courses of block, or under railings, wall lights are meant to be invisible to the naked eye. The solid copper bracket allows for quick installation and can be bent, removed, or cut for specialized applications. The curved cover protects the light source from sprinklers and rain. 

  • Ground Lights

    Ground lights are the workhorses of landscape lighting, with knuckles that will adjust to any angle. Made of solid bronze, they are almost indestructible and weather well even under harsh conditions. 

  • Well Lights

    Simple yet durable, a well light consists of a PVC body and stainless steel gimbal ring, permitting good adjustability and versatility. 

  • Niche Lights

    These wall lights, also known as niche lights, are rugged, versatile incandescent lights made of solid sand-cast bronze. They cast a warm light, as opposed to LED lights, which shine a bright, white light. 

  • Hidden Tree Lights

    Because they are narrow in dimension, tree lights can be strategically hidden.

    In Conclusion: Lighting your landscape is probably best left to professionals. However, chances are you won't need to call in both an electrician and a landscaper, since the trend is for landscaping firms to offer electrical services as well.


    Landscape photos by Hoffman Landscapes, Inc., Wilton, CT 06897

    Manufacturer photos by Cast LIghting LLC, Hawthorne, NJ 07056 

    Pool touchpad by Pentair, Sanford, NC 27330