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On the Porch with Parker Kennedy Living

Produced by Clara Haneberg

On a warm summer day, you can find me: David: Walking on with the dogs on the back part of our property in the pecan grove fields.

Ever been stung by a bee? Lance: Yes, as as kid and I swore I would never get stung again! Thank goodness it has not happened since then!

Sweet tea or lemonade? David: Neither. A real Coca-Cola in a real glass with crushed ice.

As a kid, I loved playing __________ outdoors. Lance: I loved riding my bike outdoors. I could really never get enough of it. I loved my yellow Huffy off road bike!

In my garden I grow: David: Grapevine tomatoes 

For me, outdoor design is: Lance: Boxwood Gardens

My biggest outdoor fiasco involved: David: moving the chicken coop and having the chickens escape and chasing them all over the yard before the dogs got them!

My favorite memory of being outdoors is: Lance: Summer campfires as a kid with my dad.

Sunglasses, floppy hot, SPF—or all three? David: My superman baseball cap.

You won a free ticket to any outdoor destination, you pick: Lance: Brazilian Court Pool courtyard in Palm Beach

The ideal weather forecast is: David: 72 with a cool breeze 

Every outdoor space should have: Lance: A blooming climbing vine.

My favorite outdoor activity is: David: Grilling and cooking for outdoor entertaining for the family.  

What I love most about entertaining outdoors is: Lance: Enjoying having dinner at an amazingly set tableand watch the sunset with your dinner guests.

Who would you invite to your dream alfresco dinner party? David: Joan Rivers & Elizabeth Taylor

Every good outdoor gathering has: Lance: good friends and food

Everything is ___________ outdoors. David: Beautiful