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On the Porch with Libby Langdon

Produced by Clara Haneberg

On a warm summer day, you can find me: Lounging by our pool in Sag Harbor or in our garden, watering the hydrangeas and plants/vegetables.

Ever been stung by a bee? Yes, I grew up in North Carolina, and in the summer at the swimming pool I used to step on bees. That was the worst because they would sting me on the arch of my foot!

Sweet tea or lemonade? Lemonade…and after 5 p.m., my husband will make me a mean vodka and lemonade with fresh lime juice. It’s refreshing and was always my dad’s favorite cocktail!

As a kid, I loved playing _________ outdoors. With my horse figurines and a horse stable that my parents had made for me. I also loved riding a hobby horse around the yard with my best friend Boo, who lived across the street!

In my garden I grow: Marigolds (the deer won’t eat them), hydrangeas (they are protected by deer fencing), rosemary, basil, oregano, jalapeño and hot habanero peppers, and tomatoes. We also have lots of deer-proof perennials like catmint, lamb's ear and salvia.

For me, outdoor design is: All about blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor décor, and creating stylish, completely designed spaces that are just as comfortable as any interior room.

My biggest outdoor fiasco involved: Buying an “outdoor rug” that had a high pile poly material that held so much water that it stayed soaking wet several days after it rained. We would walk out onto it and our bare feet would squish with water. It was awful! Words of wisdom: buy a low loop weave rug, which dries much faster, looks cleaner, and wears better for people’s lifestyles. These rugs are also a great choice for indoor spaces and the wear and tear that come with kids, pets, and entertaining (think red wine)!

My favorite memory of being outdoors is: Being on a North Carolina beach with my entire family, everyone from my parents to little grandkids. Nothing is better than being surrounded by all the people I love most.

Sunglasses, floppy hat, SPF—or all three? Sunglasses, a hat with a super-wide brim, and 60 SPF slathered on my face. As a kid, I would get freckles, and I know if sun hit my face today, I would look like my 8-year-old self!

You won a free ticket to any outdoor destination, you pick: Bali. I’ve never been and am dying to go! I would want to stay in a fab hotel in a cabana or room that extends out over the water.

The ideal weather forecast is: 75 degrees and sunny with a light wind.

Every outdoor space should have: Comfortable furniture, an outdoor rug, good lighting, a spot to put your feet up, and a place to put your drink down!

My favorite outdoor activity is: Walking on the beach with my husband.

What I love most about entertaining outdoors is: Creating a beautiful ambience and setting a stylish table! My most requested dish is my grilled pizza; it’s the perfect appetizer to begin a summer meal, and it’s fun to start out the evening with cocktails by the grill as I make it.

Who would you invite to your dream alfresco dinner party? Jimmy Buffett, Adele, and Kenny Chesney.

Every good outdoor gathering has: Lots of candlelight, nice music, fun friends and family, and, of course, wine and cocktails flowing!

Everything is _________ outdoors. More glorious.