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On the Porch with Doug Hoerr

Produced by Clara Haneberg

On a warm summer day, you can find me: At my southwest Michigan farm on the tractor, or on a long motorcycle ride.

Ever been stung by a bee? Hundreds of times. I kept honeybees as a kid, and I’ve been stung too many times to count by hornets and wasps on job sites through the years. Recently I was stung so many times by ground hornets, it landed me in the ER!  

Sweet tea or lemonade? An Arnold Palmer please.

As a kid, I loved playing __________ outdoors. In creeks, woods, and in barns. 

In my garden I grow: A cutting garden with many annuals, peonies, and dahlias; an orchard and a veggie garden with everything from asparagus to zucchini.

For me, outdoor design is: Bordering on obsessive.

My biggest outdoor fiasco involved: A can of gasoline, matches, and firecrackers when I was 10.

My favorite memory of being outdoors is: Riding the thousands of acres of countryside on my Suzuki dirt bike.

Sunglasses, floppy hot, SPF—or all three? Only sunglasses—much to my wife’s chagrin.

You won a free ticket to any outdoor destination, you pick: Fly fishing in Patagonia.

The ideal weather forecast is: Sunny, 72 degrees, and low humidity!

Every outdoor space should have: A large shade tree and a comfortable place for a nap.

My favorite outdoor activity is: Hunting my woodland for morels in springtime.

What I love most about entertaining outdoors is: Grilling, laughing, and conversation with friends/family over great food and drink.

Who would you invite to your dream alfresco dinner party? Sir Ernest Shackelton, Oscar Wild, Dorothy Parker, JK Rowling, Carl Sagan, Katherine Hepburn, Bette Midler, Ernest Hemmingway.

Everything is ________ outdoors: Less stressful and centers me when I’m [outdoors].