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Period Perfect

Formal garden designed for entertaining

Written by Ethne Clarke
  • Colleen Duffley

    Alan Rister and Greg Armstrong designed their Dallas garden not just to an aesthetic ideal but for practical reasons; they like to entertain at home and though their house was compact there was room to expand the property’s footprint and build a formal garden the focus of which was an elegant pavilion.

    Photography: Colleen Duffley
    Produced by Denise Gee

  • Colleen Duffley

    The interior of this sumptuous garden structure reflects the men’s enjoyment of all things English in garden design and architecture.

  • Colleen Duffley

    Outdoor spaces were given careful consideration, too. The pergola covered nook between the pavilion and the carriage house is furnished with a comfortable bench, making a quiet, out-of-the-way spot from which to savor the garden’s many delightful views.

  • Colleen Duffley

    Just as indoor lighting extends the enjoyment of the pavilion’s comfortable interior, Alan took great care lighting the outside. As Larry Spada, of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives comments, "garden lighting is about creating atmosphere as well as enhancing safety and not many people consider that when installing fixtures."

  • Colleen Duffley

    Alan and Greg’s talents as designers were brought into play for niece Abby’s recent wedding. Tables were positioned throughout the garden along with lighting from sconces, downlighters, and carefully shaded spotlights.

  • Photo courtesy of Darren Wilson

    Outdoor Perspectives lighting specialist Winston Edwards observes, "Typical deck lighting has large spots shining down on the deck from the corners of the house. But a shielded light source under handrails and small low-watt lights along paths can not only light the scene but also provide comfort."

  • Photo courtesy of Darren Wilson

    Lights should never be placed so that you are looking directly into the bulb. Position lights so that they accent your home and garden rather than light it up like a prison yard. Your neighbors will appreciate it, too, since light pollution from spots can be incredibly intrusive.

    Garden lighting photos courtesy of Darren Wilson.

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