Accessed by French doors from the master bedroom, a patio with boxwood hedges and a small ornamental pool provides an ideal spot for morning coffee.

Awnings, curtains, and pillows in Sunbrella fabric dress the deck in hospitable raiment. The McGuire chairs have a grid pattern that lends a geometric element; dinners are often served here.


Surrounded by ferns, a cast-stone flame finial from Bedford Brown gives the outdoor living room that timelessly classic feeling.

The petite cast-stone pedestal table and wrought-iron chairs can be used for quiet dinners in this verdant setting. The table is topped by a chic black-and-gold pot of bromeliads with white blooms.

Stepping stones bordered by a rock wall covered with strawberry vine lead to comfy chairs.

Salvaged from the original ’60s landscaping, limestone gives a sitting area character.

In this mostly foliage garden, a trio of potted bromeliads energize the outdoor living room’s smart charcoal- and-white color scheme with their spikey bright red blooms.

Tucked into a corner of the garden is an armillary, an ancient instrument once used to determine various celestial positions and to demonstrate the motion of the stars.


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Outdoor Living Room

A Portland designer fuses indoors with outdoors

Written by Rebecca Christian
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