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Garden Retreats and Sitting Areas

Explore the nooks and crannies of our favorite gardens

Written and produced by Lucy Fitzgerald
  • Our gardens provide a sweet retreat at the end of a summer day. Put your feet up and take a look at some of our favorite backyard havens.

    Like a scene from a fairy tale, this green iron patio is surrounded by thick vines. A bowl of fresh produce and a blue vase bursting with colorful blooms add pops of color.

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  • See more from this garden on the following slide.

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  • This San Diego-area garden is both charming and drought-resistant. Shaded by a melaleuca tree, the bench was created out of rock left from the home’s construction. It’s part of a restful vignette that hints at the couple’s love of Southwestern touches, including rock slabs from Mexico and many ambassadors of the region’s native plant life in the garden.

  • Black makes a striking statement in this sunny Hawaiian yard. Graphic silver pillows pop against the dark chairs and deep jungle beyond. Matching orbs hanging from the branches lend a contemporary touch.

  • A tiny table-and-bench set is the perfect spot for little tea parties and afternoon sandwiches. Small feet won’t disrupt the natural grass carpeting underneath.

  • Multiple archways with French doors open this home up to the exquisite entertaining and garden area just outside. Partially covered by a wooden pergola, the expansive space offers just the right amount of shade.

  • Towering trees filter the sunlight in this inviting scene. A lantern hanging above welcomes guests after dark. Chairs and a curved bench carved from large pieces of wood lend a rustic charm to the setting.