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In the Garden with Charlotte Moss

Produced by Clara Haneberg

The first thing I notice when I step out in my garden is: Sounds (the fountain and the birds) and always the sky.

I’ve always looked to _____ for garden inspiration. Travel and visiting other gardens.

Your best piece of gardening advice:

  • Do lots of homework
  • Pace yourself/do it in stages

Understand what you are getting yourself into maintenance wise. Installation is an event, maintenance is for life!

Photo: Charlotte Moss

Favorite garden tool: My felco clippers.

Garden gloves or bare hands? Both. But I love my Ethel garden gloves because they feel like kid gloves.

Every garden should have: Lots of TLC

Hydrangea or peony: Peony

What’s your favorite thing about being in the garden? Just that, just being in it. Walking around, puttering, thinking about what’s next.

Charlotte's new book, Charlotte Moss Entertains, is on sale now. 

What do you love most about entertaining outdoors: It reminds me, every meal feels like a picnic, like a celebration. And I have fond memories of picnics growing up, in the backyard and at the river.

Photo: Charlotte Moss

Who would be at your dream garden party? To invite great gardeners, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Edith Wharton, Bunny Mellon, Jean Baptiste Quintinie, Nicole Vesian, who wouldn’t want to meet Andre Le Norte? That would be one amazing garden party.

Photo: Charlotte Moss

When planning your outdoor table setting, what inspires you?  What’s blooming in the garden, is it roses or is it nasturtium in the kitchen garden—each one suggests a different vase, a tablecloth, etc.

Photo: Charlotte Moss

What’s one of your most memorable outdoor tabletops? For a museum benefit we created a tent to feel like the Hamlet at Versailles where all the tables represented a flower that was a component in Marie Antoinette’s perfume. By far the most outrageous thing I’ve ever done.