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Petite & Precious

Miniature Cakes are Best. They’re easily personalized and easily devoured

Written by Caroll Stoner



These pink and violet jewels, created by Cecily Gady, owner of Cakework in San Francisco, come in many flavor combinations. Here, chocolate coffee truffle cakes are frosted in tinted white chocolate. "You love them because they're beautiful, ersponal, and 'just for me,' " says Cecile.

"It’s a tough business because of the long hours and attention to detail it constantly requires," says Kim. "But we’d start our business all over again because we’re here with a specific message—a passion for super-premium desserts," she says. "We want to do for desserts what Starbucks did for coffee, which is to educate people about quality. Once people understand that better chocolate, finer cream, richer butter, and the most careful baking techniques really matter, we think the business can’t help but grow. It’s all about wanting the best."

Photography: Peter Krumhardt