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Haylie Duff's Kitchen Must-Haves

The host of Real Girl's Kitchen shares her 5 favorite kitchen finds

Produced by Clara Haneberg

Haylie Duff blends her southern roots with Hollywood life as star and host of Real Girl's Kitchen, the show inspired by her cookbook bearing the same name.

The busy mom, actress, blogger, Cooking Channel star, and designer of childrens clothing line, Little Moon Society, divulges her favorite kitchen finds to Traditional Home.

Heat Trivets from SHED

"I have a few of these rush trivets and I totally love them," Duff says. "They're a pretty alternative to the traditional dishtowel or rubber mat!" 

Large Salt Cellar

"Salt is a big part of my kitchen/cooking/life! I love to have tiny pinch pots of salt & pepper for my table, but I need something a bit bigger for by my stove! I love this large salt cellar from Anthropologie! Mainly because I'm not re-filling it every week!"

Kids Apron

"I'm not an apron wearer myself, but I LOVE to put a tiny apron on Ryan when she cooks with me! She's not really cooking as much as she is rearranging my tupperware cabinet...but she sure looks cute doing it in this apron from Hedley & Bennett!"

Jumbo French Press

"Coffee is a HUGE part of my morning routine. Scratch IS my morning routine! I love to make cold brew coffee before bed so it's ready for me the next day. This jumbo french press from Bodum is pretty epic. It's 51oz and makes enough coffee for the whole family." 

Finex Cast Iron

"Since the day I started cooking I have been very devoted to my cast iron cookware. I love the ease of cooking with nonstick, but I can't really get down with the health hazards once it gets scratched. Great cast iron will last for generations (I use some of my grandmother's!) and gets better and better over time. I love these skillets from Finex. Plus they are just gorgeous, right?"