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Great Gatherings: Springtime Luncheon

A luncheon blossoms into spring with a profusion of artfully arranged flowers

Written and produced by Krissa Rossbund
  • Peter Krumhardt

    Menu and shopping list start here.

    When Ann Etienne, owner of flower-and-home shop Voilà! in Omaha, sets a table, she makes usre her vibrant blooms do more than just sit there and look pretty. For a luncheon she's hosting to celebrate hte coming of psirng, she cultivates a diverse and colorful range of flowers into her grass-green dining room. Some are casually strewn, while others are skillfully manipulated with charming artistry—but all complement her vision of an indoor garden.

    Vintage cut-glass wine goblets are mixed with Baccarat's "Mille Nuit" iced-tea glasses and Rosanna's lavender water glasses. Terrarium, urns, and placemats are from Voilà!

    Photography: Peter Krumhardt

  • Peter Krumhardt

    Naturally Hip

    Grass loops are embellished with moss and a sparkly rhinestone to fashion rings for the sunny yellow napkins. "Purple Lace" service plates; Mottahedeh.

  • Peter Krumhardt

    Magnetic Attraction

    Chair backs are often overlooked as decorative opportunities. Here, a crystal flower magnet secures a soft green floral ribbon that anchors a wreath of heather to each ivory-colored slipcover.

  • Peter Krumhardt

    Haute Tea

    Hibiscus-flavored iced tea is refreshing with a salad, but a sweet dessert calls for a hot, soothing beverage. Silver-plated tea infuser; Two's Company.

  • Peter Krumhardt

    Get Personal

    A handful of classic fonts and a color printer make producing signature placecards easy. As if poised to take flight, the silver-colored bird placard holders from Voilà! are simple but charming.

  • Peter Krumhardt

    Simply Stated

    Long blades of grass are swirled around the inside of simple glass vases filled with stems of hyacinth. Keep an assortment of clear vases on hand—they can be used individually or grouped for a presentation with more impact.

  • Peter Krumhardt

    Menu & Shopping List

    Ann Etienne, owner of Voilà! Blooms and Decor, in Omaha, Nebraska, sets a gorgeous spring table for luncheon. For the menu, she turned to Chef Travis Brink from Omaha’s Flatiron Café. Chef Brink’s recipes have a light, sophisticated flair, a reflection of the inviting atmosphere provided by Flatiron proprietors Steve and Kathleen Jamrozy.


    Hibiscus and Citrus Iced Tea
    Cream of Asparagus Soup with Crab and Watercress
    Warm Goat Cheese Salad with Prosciutto, Figs, Marcona Almonds and Port Balsamic Vinaigrette
    Individual Lemon Cakes

    Shopping List

    Check your pantry for these necessary items before shopping:

    • Honey
    • Vegetable oil for frying
    • Unsalted butter (need 1/2 stick)
    • All-purpose flour (need 1/4 cup)
    • Eggs (need 2)
    • Salt
    • Ground black pepper

    Specialty grocery store

    • Port balsamic vinegar
    • Marcona almonds (need 3 ounces)
    • 2 ounces thinly sliced prosciutto


    • 1 orange, lemon, and/or lime
    • 1 bunch mint
    • 1 bunch thyme
    • 1 bunch parsley
    • 1 bunch chive
    • 2 bunches thin asparagus (about 2 pounds total)
    • 1 medium onion
    • 1 bunch watercress
    • 10 ounces arugula


    • 1 (26- to 32-ounce) container low-sodium chicken or vegetable stock (for thinning soup)
    • Fine dry breadcrumbs (need 3/4 cup) or 1 (8-ounce) package plain panko (need 1 1/2 cups)
    • 2 (7-ounce) packages dried black mission figs (need 24) or 12 fresh figs (produce)
    • Hibiscus tea bags (need 6 to 8)

    Cheese counter

    • 9 ounces goat cheese (chèvre)

    Fish counter

    • 2 fresh-cooked Alaskan king crab legs (about 1 pound)


    • 1 quart whipping cream


    • Dry white wine for cooking (and sipping while you cook)
  • Peter Krumhardt
  • Peter Krumhardt
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