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Cheers to Wine

Tips to protect your investment in fine vintages this entertaining season

Written by Sally Finder Weepie

America’s love affair with wine shows no signs of running dry. Last year, U.S. consumers drank $32 billion worth of wine—and that figure is expected to reach $43 billion by 2022.

The growth is being driven by both Gen Xers and millennials, who savor the experience of a great bottle of wine. Quality matters, as wine lovers eschew bargain brands for wines that offer interesting flavor experiences.

Wine connoisseurs are also more apt than ever to share a glass with friends—80 percent of wine is enjoyed at home. That make proper wine storage—and ways to showcase wine collections—vital.

Sub-Zero IW-30 integrated wine storage

Wine storage units are becoming jewels of the home, included as a design element in kitchens and other entertaining spaces in the home. Homeowners can choose from small freestanding units that can be moved around, undercounter storage units, or integrated wine storage units that hold dozens of bottles. Multipurpose storage units offer even more options, with dual-zone wine storage on top, a refrigerator drawer for craft beer in the middle, and a freezer with icemaker on the bottom—an entertainer’s dream come true.

Sub-Zero IW-30R integrated wine storage with refrigerator drawers

The investment in a quality storage unit makes sense, as it protects against the four enemies of wine: vibration, heat, light, and humidity.

Wine units cradle bottles against vibration and offer racks that glide out without agitating wine—vibration can ruin a good wine, which is why it’s not ideal to store it in a regular refrigerator.

In addition, independent storage zones in wine units keep different varietals at the optimum temperature, while UV-resistant glass protects wine from light exposure that can affect aging and cause unpleasant aromas. Finally, dual evaporators control humidity—constant moderate humidity ensures that corks don’t dry out and labels don’t peel or discolor.


Photography courtesy of Sub-Zero