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Transformation: Organize Your Life

Written by Tobi Fairley

The last two years while we were living in our newly purchased home that was dated and in dire need of renovation (but waiting for me to have time in my schedule to take on the project), I was reminded of how stressful and depressing a disorganized and dysfunctional home can be. It actually took a toll on my family and our attitudes. Environment really is important!

We had old cabinetry without adjustable shelves that our dishes would hardly fit in. We had a giant garden tub in the master bath that could fit 10 people but was so large that the water would get cold before the tub was full. And we had a tiny master bedroom closet with only room for my husband's things. I stored all my clothes upstairs but slept downstairs, so I had a daily trek (or several) upstairs just to get dressed. My daughter's room is really large but had no storage to speak of, so the corners were constantly stacked with toys, stuffed animals, art supplies, and clutter. Many days that lack of design and function made me want to scream! It just goes to show you how important storage and organization are for your peace of mind.

When I have physical clutter in my life, it equals mental clutter for me. I don't like that. I prefer to be sharp and focused so I can be my best every day. I was determined to add as much function and storage to every square inch of my house that I could. My second goal was to be really smart about how I use each space. I didn’t want to just put in some drawers that no one uses, or a bench that no one ever sits on but clutter collects there. I want every area and room in the home to really function for how my family lives!

For example, my husband loves to drop his keys and unload his pockets as soon as he comes in the back door, just like a lot of us do. So in the mudroom area at the back door, I planned a place for that. Lockers for my daughter's book bag and her jacket were a must too, all hidden out of sight and ready for the next day.  Adding a message board ready for notes and reminders, and charging stations for phones and tablets to this space just off the garage was a priority also. And making this space a pet zone with a bed area for Izzy, the fourth member of our family, as well as a place for her dog bowls and food was high on my list. And yes, all this organization is in a new mudroom area that is barely 5x8 feet. You see, it’s not about having a large home for me but a very well-planned one.

Pet Station/Organizing Station in mudroom

What better time to plan this sort of organization and functionality than when you’re renovating your home? When my home is tidy, I enjoy it and my family so much more. Plus I find myself going the extra mile to do other things that bring me peace and joy, like lighting a candle or bringing home fresh flowers, cooking home-made meals, enjoying a glass of wine with my husband and friends, and sitting down at the table together as a family for meals. This all happens more when my home is beautiful, neat, and clean. It's important. And it nurtures me. It fills me up.

So think carefully about how you can organize your home in both stylish and functional ways! It will make you prefer staying home over even going on vacations sometimes.

Best of luck!