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Tour These 5 Bathrooms, Feel Like You're At a Fancy Spa

Serenity now!

Written by Karla Walsh

You don’t have to book a room at an exclusive hotel or splurge on a massage to feel transported to a relaxing retreat. Get inspired to refresh your own bath by touring some of our favorites from over the years.

Simply scroll down and prepare to say “spa-ahh.”

A big window in the bathroom? Yes, it’s a bright idea to allow natural light to bathe the entire room—just as long as neighbors can’t see in. All that sunshine, plus a modern chandelier, allows the geometric ceramic tile wall to sparkle and draw eyes to the soaking tub.

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If you’re more of a shower fan, this clean line-filled space is for you. The designer traded a tub for an oversized shower stall that has floor-to-ceiling doors to help the entire bathroom feel taller.

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“Warm, welcoming, and Southern” were what the homeowners were aiming for with this spa bathroom, and we say they aced their goal by combining plush accessories, natural elements, and thoughtful touches (candles, bath salts…). Instead of more classic black and white, charcoal and cream checkerboard floor tile adds warmth, too.

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Take note of how the elegant curves of the bath echo the curves in the stunning abstract painting. Since you’ll (hopefully!) be spending plenty of time soaking and spa-ing, don’t forget to dress up your bathroom with inspiring artwork, too.

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A two-person shower exudes luxury and romantic vibes. This one, located in a home within Arizona’s Sonaran Desert, feels cool and calm thanks to a neutral color palette, the glass door, and a mix of geometric elements.

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