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Sneak a Peek at the O'More Showhouse

An intriguing design medley comes to Nashville

Produced by Sally Finder Weepie

Eighteen designers, including Amy Morris and Robert Brown—the event's honorary chairmen—have designed rooms in the new 4,015-square-foot house, built on property formerly owned by country star Eddy Arnold. Here's a look at some of the spaces, plus tips from the designers.

Amy Morris | Family Room 

"Mixing antiques, such as the French oak table by the sofa, with more contemporary pieces, like the pewter landscape coffee table or the hammered-bronze lantern, makes a room timeless. An overall neutral palette allows for both to exist without competing."

(Wall color: Benjamin Moore moonshine OC56)

Tip: Opt for tailored upholstery in a neutral palette to create a unifying backdrop for your statement pieces.

Jonathan Savage | Dining Room

"In our dining space, we mixed three china patterns to add interest and give a collected look."

Tip: Placing a mirror opposite of art not only reflects the art but also makes the space feel brighter and bigger.

Bob Brown | Screen Porch

"A timeless design is effortlessly created by following the lead from your architectural envelope and invoking a style that is parallel to the space within. By not straying too far from the design that is naturally created by the architecture, the space will fluently transition with time."

Tip: Follow the lead of your architecture.

JoAnne Haynes | Upstairs Guest Bedroom

"Harmony brings all the design elements of a room together—color, fabrics, texture, and shapes make the space inviting, pleasing, and comfortable. These characteristics never go out of style."

Tip: Harmony creates a timeless design. 

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Photography: Brennan Smith