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Luxurious Bathroom Renovation Tips

Transform your bathroom into a luxe getaway with designer Christine Markatos' insider tips 

Written by Grace Rigdon
  • Christine Markets Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    Reimagine your bathroom as a spa-like space you won’t want to leave. Christine Markatos of Christine Markatos Design shares her five best inspiring tips and tricks for the homeowner eyeing a bath renovation. 



  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    Create a serene, spa-like space

    Ready to update your bathroom into a luxe sanctuary? To begin, choose a cooling palette of hues, like grays and blues. You can create textures within these hues by finding simply decorated patterned wallpapers and coverings. In this Santa Monica home, the inspiration came from client wanting a space to unwind from the craziness of everyday life. Markatos gave the couple freestanding vanities and the wife an antique dressing table. “By adding antique flairs like the dressing table, mirrors, and sconces, it appears in the lap of luxury and lavish,” Markatos says. 


  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    “You envision a spa to be light and airy—I wanted to create that feel by balancing the natural light with the unique floor and ceiling,” Markatos says. The mosaic flooring pairs perfectly with the reflective ceiling. 

  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    What says spa without a room specifically for the tub? Markatos truly wanted the family to feel each space would give them a different destination for relaxation. Designed with a freestanding tub carved out of marble from France, this magnificent bath is as lush as it gets. Markatos played with the mosaic walls and floors to create a soft and shimmery feel in this enclosed space. “Overall, I wanted the family to have a renovated space that felt large and multifunctioning. The entire bathroom should feel like a place they can hang out in,” the designer says.   

  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    Incorporate a freestanding tub 

    This bold and vibrant master bath in Brentwood, California, is truly making a splash. The homeowners had spent a significant amount of time in Paris and Morocco, pulling tons of inspiration from those experiences. Markatos found a fabulous and intricate Moroccan tile to help blend the two stunning cultures together. She also chose to incorporate a statement piece, a freestanding tub—how Parisian. “Make the tub a focal point by floating the tub in the center of the room, if the space allows for it,” Markatos says. She had a custom chair and stool designed from an outdoor fabric, allowing bathed kids to sit on the furniture with no damage. 

  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    Choose patterns that make an impact

    “To create a fun and bold impact, choose heavily patterned wallcoverings and challenge traditional bathroom notions,” Markatos says. Located in Santa Monica, California, this vibrant poolside bathroom was designed with fun chevron concrete tile and a deeply textured papergiving this space the moment it deserves. To balance the busyness, Markatos included a simple vanity and textural mirror. “In a poolside bathroom or a powder room, there’s tons of room for creativity and to show personality, which is key,” Markatos says.

  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    Offer a luxurious lounge space

    Located in the tropics of Hawaii, this master bath is all about the open floor plan. “To create a serene, luxurious lounge, allocate a portion of the space solely to the dressing room,” Markatos says. “Enclose the wardrobes behind doors so the room functions as a space exclusively to lounge in.” This master bath has sandstone flooring and a sunken Japanese tub while featuring gorgeous wooden freestanding vanities. The designer used multicolor glass tiles for the wallcovering, which reads as a bamboo texture, playing into the notion of being outdoors. She offered indoor and outdoor showerheads, lounge areas, and gardens to blend the spaces together as one. “This master bath is simply meant to feel tranquil. My clients should sense nothing but peace while entering into this luxurious lounge,” Markatos says. 

  • Christine Markatos Design, Manolo Langis Photography

    Choose a showstopping light fixture 

    There’s nothing more elegant than a showstopping light fixture that immediately draws your eye into a space. Located on Lake Sherwood, this contemporary home was ready to blend spunk with traditional and sophisticated pieces—and that was achieved with this stunning tiered pendent. The designer paired the pendent with an artistic tile and deeply textured wallcovering to create a big statement.