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Lisa Adams of LA Closet Design Takes Us Inside Her Own Closet

The designer to the stars shows us the features she had to have in the dressing room and closet in her own home

Written by Sally Finder Weepie / Photos by Meghan bob Photography

She's known for her design of fantasy closet spaces for celebrity clients including Christina Aguilera, Reese Witherspoon, Tyra Banks, and Khloe Kardashian. After designing these jaw-dropping spaces, what did Lisa Adams, CEO and lead designer of LA Closet Designs, want in her own master closet, dressing room, and handbag closet? A chic, elegant, and soothing place with timeless elegance to start her day and house her belongings. 

Adams launched her project by designing a closet off the master bathroom as her everyday closet and converting a spare bedroom into her dressing room.

"For my everyday closet, I had to be efficient with the space and maximize it fully," Adams says. "I knew that I wanted this closet to be white, for the stone floors to transition from the bathroom into the closet, and to maximize the corners with custom hanging rods and L-shape shelves. For a little pop of fun, I added an Hermes print on the ceiling."

"For my dressing room, I wanted to incorporate seating, a staging area, full-length mirror, shoe storage, and a jewelry safe," Adams says. "I belabored over the cabinetry color, which ended up being a custom Portola Paint’s "Closet Cashmere" color—it’s the perfect mix of champagne white!" 

Adams is obsessed with the custom brass hanging rods and the linear LED light fixture from INFO Lighting. "They were all made for each other," she says. "I also love my custom swivel chair in a blush fabric from Donghia. It makes me smile every time I see it and sit on it—to put on shoes or just hang out." 

Adams incorporated favorite things from other spaces she's designed, in addition to new ideas. "I love a shoe wall with mirror backs," she says. "In my dressing room, I used bronze mirror and shoe shelves with brass inlays. I have also designed custom U-shape rods for my clients; in my space, I wanted to try out custom ceiling-suspended hanging rods. I like the idea that there are only single rods at eye level, which helps to streamline the clothing. For the shorter hanging items, I used the space below by adding floating drawers for my folded items and clutches."  

Adams put her formal and tailored clothing items in her dressing room, which she edits on an almost everyday basis to ensure it feels uncluttered and calm. "I don’t like to 'buy to buy,'” she says. "I really take the time to find pieces that I absolutely love and will wear; the way that I designed my closet allows you to see every piece at a glance and easily put together outfits. That way, I feel good about wearing everything that I own and have fun putting the outfits together!  I also have a staging area in the closet that makes it easier to pull pieces and even to pack on trips."


All of the features add up to a personalized dressing space that calms the chaos of everday living, her goal for all her projects with LA Closet Design. 

Her inspiration for maximizing and beautifying closet spaces came about while she was working for a kitchen design firm. Seeing the great level of interest both from homeowners and investors in making kitchens the new gathering space (and selling point), and a space worthy of living in and showing off, she realized that closets were the next great frontier. She decided to approach the closet as a new living space where homeowners could lounge, prepare, entertain, and even “shop” their own closet (a concept she conceived after falling in love with the design of Armani stores.)  

Adams also created the LAMOVE Mobile Closet – a sleek, elegant and highly organized carry on suitcase, and she launched her first coffee table book titled ClosetDesign Bible.