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Inside this Issue: Cottage Style

From the Editors of Cottage Style

A house doesn’t become a home until someone cares enough—and is patient enough—to make it so.

Photo: Michael Partenio

Just ask Kevin Shinick and Eileen Myers, who turned their 1926 rental in Pasadena, California, into a storybook home while patiently waiting and hoping for their landlords to agree to sell. (They did!)

Photo: Edmund Barr

Photo: Edmund Barr

In Wisconsin, David Hernandez and Tereasa Surratt set their sights on an 80-plus-year-old camp, which they lovingly restored over 10 years using thrift store and flea market finds to give each space a unique point of view.

Photo: Kevin J. Miyazaki/Redux

Photo: Kevin J. Miyazaki/Redux

And in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Lorna Boucher brought a little romance to her newly constructed 1,200-square-foot beach cottage with old-timey accents and whimsical wallpaper.

​Photo: Keller & Keller

Photo: Keller & Keller

Watching the story of each space unfold and participating in the narrative is part of the joy of being a homeowner. It’s a process that is meant to be savored, not rushed. After all, your home speaks volumes about who you are. Give it time to find its voice.

Welcome to Cottage Style.

The Editors