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Holiday Decorating Tips from Designer Tobi Fairley

By Tobi Fairley

I love the holidays! It's all about family, friends, and fun—and adding a little extra style to your décor makes it even more exciting! I have so many people ask me each year for my decorating ideas for the season, so I thought I'd give you some of my best professional tips to get your home into the holiday spirit.

Let your décor dictate your holiday palette. 

No matter how gorgeous your holiday items are, if they are competing with your room instead of complementing it, the effect will be lost. So go for colors that work for you, whether your décor is full of cobalt, purple, pink, turquoise, or green. As you can see here, any color can be colorful and festive!

Think fresh! 

Use fresh evergreen boughs, garlands, and wreaths combined with in-season citrus like lemons, tangerines, and oranges. That will give your home a beautiful natural look, and it smells heavenly!

Bring out those collections.

The holidays are the perfect time to use your collections of china, nutcrackers, teapots, or serveware. Group them all together to create fun and festive vignettes. I love to use my collections of jadeite for holiday table settings. They're a unique color, but they really take on a holiday spirit when paired with sparkling silver, china, and glass.

Be playful with your decor.

I love to decorate a tree for my daughter each year, and over the years it has included everything from small toys and trinkets, to sophisticated holiday décor in unique colors to give it a whimsical touch that's personalized for her.

Use these ideas to make your holiday decor both festive and unique to you!