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The Feeling of Light

From the Editors of Lighting

Like most American families, mine spends much of our time in the kitchen—cooking, eating, working. It’s the hub of our home and our lives. So a few weeks ago, when the fixture over our kitchen sink fritzed out, it changed how all of us felt about being in that room. No more early morning light for gentle wake up; no more extra bright light for un-fun but necessary tasks of dishes and cleaning.

It’s illustrative of the power of light to affect emotions in tangible ways. The color of bulbs, dimmability, even the number of fixtures: Those are the real tools for homeowners, helping them improve light and in turn affecting both their health and their mood.

A Rich metallic finish plays against black wiring on the ABA-2012C Chandelier from Dainolite.

Of course, lighting designers and manufacturers have always known this—but technology has caught up with new tools. The rate of lighting innovations in the last few years has been dizzying: LEDs have quickly supplanted CFLs. Chips, hubs, controls, apps, and smart devices create possibilities to easily play with, use, and adapt light in ways heretofore impossible.

As for my kitchen, thanks to a new fixture we’re back to loving our time in that room. We hope this magazine inspires you with lighting ideas to make those together times and tasks (even washing the dishes) more memorable.

Kelly Roberson

P.S. This magazine would not be possible without the expertise, dedication, and guidance of the American Lighting Association. We’re happy and honored to continue our collaboration with them on this magazine.