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Exclusive Book Preview of Victoria Hagan: Dream Spaces

Designer Victoria Hagan shares sneak peeks from her second book

Written and produced by Clara Haneberg

From the beach to the mountains and countryside, Victoria Hagan has brought many a dream home to life. Thus, the designer—with more than 25 years of experience—took a different approach for her second book by featuring properties that are all second, third, or fourth homes. Throughout the pages, Hagan discusses the art of design—not just for how her clients live, but for how they dream and play. Victoria Hagan: Dream Spaces also includes a chapter on tradition, which highlights houses that have that special something that’s especially inspirational—and not just the decorating. “What I realized is tradition is not just about traditional pieces and finding an old piece of scrimshaw—it’s about memories, family, and ritual,” Hagan says.  

Dream Spaces is about places people have dreamed about doing. These are not their full-time homes, it’s something they look forward to and they’ve thought of for a long time. I’m hoping this book shows the fun I have working every day.” –Victoria Hagan  

This Aspen project nestled near Ajax Mountain holds a special place in Hagan’s heart. “I remember walking into the property and seeing this view and saying, ‘Wow, game on!’” The bedroom with wood-paneled ceiling “is all about softness and warmth,” she says. “Everything is quieter allowing Ajax to take center stage.” 

This light and bright living room is part of Hagan’s Nantucket home. “I wanted to include the Nantucket house I built because it’s a place I’ve been coming to since I was a young girl,” she says. “My memories of those Fourth of July picnics and the beautiful breezes that blow across the island are what I’m hoping to hand down to my sons.” Slipcovered furniture stands up to kids play while exuding a laid-back aura. The semi-symmetrical layout enjoys water views. “There’s almost a see-through quality to the room, which I think really brings out that relaxing essence,” Hagan says. Not having an entry hall or foyer caters to the lax formality. “You just come in and take off your flip flops.” 

Off the living room, Hagan’s sun-drenched Nantucket kitchen gleams. “In this house, it’s a really busy spot,” she says. “This is my favorite set-up: I stand at my sink and I’m a part of everything—it’s command central.” The quick cook makes sure to always have fresh flowers. “We use the kitchen counter as a tabletop—it’s just part of the way we live,” Hagan adds. 

This guest-filled home in Montana called for texture. Reclaimed wood adorns the walls and ceiling. “The woven-leather bench, patterned carpet, and fluffy chairs all allow for a different kind of experience,” Hagan says. “Hello, this ain’t no beach house!” 

A Florida porch affords the perfect outdoor respite. “It’s a small, intimate place to have a cup of coffee, read a book, and relax out of the sun,” she says. Located off the master bedroom, the exterior space is tucked on the side of house and open on both ends to capture the tropical breezes. “You have to think beyond the walls,” Hagan says. “How can I enjoy the beauty around me that I see, how can I feel it? I wanted to capture that special feeling.”

Dream Spaces will be available nationwide on October 10, 2017, and is available now to pre-order via Amazon